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Oppose Mandatory Vaccines for All Children!

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Published on April 1, 2014


These Are the Rights We Must Preserve in For All Families

  • The right to have the FREEDOM OF CHOICE regarding vaccinations should be every parent's right, every person's right.

  • Don't let the state of California take away your God-given right to decide what happens to your body!

  • The Vaccine Lobby won't stop even if this law doesn't pass - so get informed and get active.

  • Big Pharma would love to get rich with the current NO liability and NO recourse if you or your child are vaccine injured or dead.

Don't Bow To Unrealistic Fears About Any Diseases

  • Don't let your legislators, Big Pharma or Vaccine manufacturers BULLY you

  • Don't let the FEAR of disease make you think that vaccines are safe because it's not true.

  • Natural medicine including classical homeopathy in particular has successfully treated all types of disease, successfully for over 200 years!

  • A health immune system can deal with any disease, and homeopathy cures all types of contagious diseases and help you avoid all contagious diseases, effectively.

  • There are hundreds of clinical studies that prove the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines in treating all types of diseases.

Vaccines Are Not Safe - Vaccine Damage is Real

Vaccines Are Loaded With Toxins - Here Is The Short List

  • Mercury

  • Aluminum

  • Formaldehyde

  • Antibiotics

  • Foreign RNA and Foreign DNA
    This foreign DNA/RNA all comes from the nasty stuff that is used to grow and harvest the vaccine viruses - they need something to grow on. So they are grown on:

    • aborted fetal tissue (yes, it is true)

    • monkey kidney

    • cow kidney

    • pig  kidney

    • sheep  kidney

    • dog kidney

    • and even caterpillars (yes, this is disgusting)

  • Some of these substances DO have cancerous genes in them.

  • These enter YOUR BODY with EVERY single shot that you get or allow your children to get.

Genetics Plays a Huge Role in Vaccine Injury

  • You can now learn if you may have a higher vaccine risk by doing genetic testing.

  • The genetic testing via saliva test is simple, quick.

  • If you don't know your own genetics or those of your children, it is time to take a simple saliva test for $99 and find out what some of the possible risks could be, to your and your children - personally.

  • Do a saliva test (order the "Ancestry Report") at and then easily interpret the results of thousands of tested genes from the data report that you receive.

  • If you or your child have any combination of a methylation defect called the MTHFR - and the fact is 50% of the population do - then YOU AND THEY ARE LIKELY TO BE AT A HIGHER RISK for vaccine injury from these known methylation defects, as well as with other gene mutations that you may carry.

  • These genetics defects  you have are passed on to your children and from them to your grandchildren.

  • WHY NOT FIND OUT and KNOW your potential risk?  When you do you, if you have such mutations, then you WILL want to say NO to forced vaccinations.

These are FACTS About Methylation and Genetic Defects That Most People Are Just Not Aware Of

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