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Homeopathy For Women
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Achieve A Natural Recovery and Optimal Health with Classical Homeopathy.
Serving Women, Children & Families in the USA and Canada via convenient Skype Consultations.

Anxiety * ADHD * Allergies * Asthma * Autism Spectrum * Autoimmune Diseases * Crohn's Disease * Chronic Fatigue * Fibromyalgia 
Hashimoto's * Hypothyroidism * Infertility * OCD * PANDAS * SIBO * Speech Delay * Tourette's * Ulcerative Colitis * Vaccine Injury

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Homeopathy is a 200 year old medical system that is proven to be clinically effective. Homeopathic remedies  must comply with FDA labeling requirements. They are manufactured under strict Homeopathic Pharmacopeia guidelines.

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Homeopathy for Women

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Read About Kari J. Kindem, AIT Practitioner, CFHom, CHP, CEASE Practitioner, Classical Homeopath
Based in San Jose, CA, USA.  Serving clients in the USA and Canada via Skype video conferencing.

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January and February Winter Special 2017!

On new remedy orders for Influenzinum 2016-2017 request to receive free instructions for Homeopathic Immunization for flu prevention by email from us in the comments section.

We sell all Boiron remedies in 30C, 200C, 1M some to 10M and a few in 50M potency.
We also ship clients Gemmotherapy, Nosodes, Sarcodes, Polyantibitics, Tautopathy

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Boiron Remedies We Carry: Below are most commonly used homeopathic single remedies. See complete Boiron list here. We carry these and many others in a 30C, 200C, 1M; some to 10M potency and few are available to 50M and CM potency.

Please write in your order below alphabetically.
List f
rom lowest to highest with potency. 
If none, write N/A below to submit this form.

 200C 50 Remedy Kit  $149 + $16.50 ship
50 Remedy Kit for Home Use with Free E-Book!
Click here to order this kit at another link

HP Remedy Kit $90 + 11 shipping
Used for Homeopathic Immunizations.
Supervision is required to purchase the kit.
Click here to order this kit at another link

Boiron Remedies $10 each per vial
See Boiron Remedy list here

Bowel Nosodes $10 each, pill packets
Supervision required to purchase
Available in 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M potency
Order below.

  • Bacillus No. 7.
  • Dysentery Co.
  • Gaertner Bach
  • Morgan Bach
  • Morgan Gaertner
  • Morgan Pure
  • PolyBowel
  • Proteus Bach
  • Sycotic Co.
  • Mutabile

Nosodes $10 each, pill packets
upervision required for purchase
Available in 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M potency
Order below

  • Bacillinum
  • Candida Albicans
  • Carcinosin
  • Carcinosin Co. (15T)
  • Carcinosin 58T
  • Carcinosin Cum Cuprum
  • Folliculinum
  • Medorrhinum
  • Psorinum
  • Syphilinum
  • Tuberculinum

HP Nosodes $10 each, pill packets
Supervision required to purchase
Available in 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M potency
See list of single HP remedies here

Gemmotherapy - $10 for 2 oz. bottle
See Gemmo list here

Polyantibiotic RX $10 each, pill packets
Supervision required to purchase
See polyantibiotic list here

Sarcodes $10 each, pill packets
Supervision required to purchase
See sarcode list here

Tautopathy RX $10 each, pill packets
Drug clearing remedies
See tautopathy (drug clearing)  list here

Vaccine Clear RX $10 each, pill packets
Supervision required to purchase
Order only after consultation with Homeopath

  • BCG vaccine
  • DTaP vaccine
  • DTaP / Hib (Pentacel)
  • DTaP / IV / HEB B (Pediarix)
  • Haemophilus Influenza (Hib)
  • Hepatitis A vaccine
  • Hepatitis B vaccine
  • Haemophilus Influenza (Hib)
  • HVP (Gardasil) vaccine
  • Influenza - Flu vaccine
  • MMR vaccine
  • MMRV vaccine
  • Pnuemococcal (Prevnar)
  • Polio vaccine
  • Rhogam vaccine
  • Rotavirus vaccine
  • Shingles vaccine
  • Tropical vaccine
  • Typhoid Poly vaccine
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox) vaccine
NOSODES see list here
Write in nosode remedy in alphabetical order with potency.
If none, write N/A below to submit this form.

SARCODES see list for Sarcodes here

Write in your sarcode remedy in alphabetical order with potency.
If none, write N/A below to submit this form.

SPECIALTY REMEDIES: Gemmos, Polyantibics, Tautopathy, Vaccine Clearing
see lists here Gemmos, Polyantibiotic, Tautopathy (Drug clearing remedies)

Write in the specialty remedy below in alphabetical order with potency.
If none, write N/A below to submit this form.

Total Cost for Order:
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All Boiron remedies are $10 each (vials).
Nosodes, sarcodes, gemmos, polyantibiotic, tautopathy and vaccine clearing remedies or specialty remedies are $10 (sold pill packets) per potency.

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