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Snake and Reptile Homeopathic Remedies

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Homeopathy is a 200 year old medical system that is proven to be clinically effective. All homeopathic remedies are safe, non-toxic and are manufactured under strict Homeopathic Pharmacopeia guidelines.

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Homeopathy for Women

Snake and Reptile Homeopathic Remedies

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Those highlighted below are available now in various potencies. Others are specials orders, contact us to order.

  1. Alligator Mississippiensis - Alligator miss., American alligator
  2. Boa Constrictor
  3. Bitis Arietans
  4. Cenchris Contortrix - Ancistrodon, Cench.
  5. Bothrops Lanceolatus - Bothrops lanciolatus, Both.
  6. Cenchris Contortrix - Ancistrodon, Cench.
  7. Chameleon
  8. Crotalus Horridus - Crot-h.
  9. Crotalus Cascavella - Crot-c.
  10. Dendroaspis Polylepsis - Black mamba
  11. Elaps Corallinus
  12. Heloderma Horridum - Helo.
  13. Hydrophis Cyanocinctus - Blue-banded sea snake
  14. Iguana
  15. Lacerta Agilis
  16. Lachesis Mutus - Lach.
  17. Naja Tripudians
  18. Natrix Natrix
  19. Python Regius
  20. Vipera Aspis
  21. Vipera Berus - Vip.
  22. Tyrannosaurus Rex (Fossil)-  T. Rex

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