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Agaricus Muscarius

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Agaricus Muscarius (Agar.)
(crazy mushroom)

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  • Agaricus as a homeopathic remedy is for those who are anxious and insecure, almost fearful at times.

  • They often have morbid and scary thoughts about death and become obsessive about all of the terrible things that could happen to them.

  • They suffer from great lethargy and seem to retreat into themselves, often wishing not to even engage in conversation at times.

  • Used for alcoholism a sphere for its action, and states of delirium, mania, and even idiocy.

  • Vertigo (marked and persistent), with constant impulse to fall backward

  • Twitching about eyes and face, redness without heat, puffy and distorted.

  • Ravenous appetite, with vomiting of food.

  • Throughout the body there are spasmodic twitchings, followed by waning tremulousness, finally relaxation and exhaustion.

  • Use in typhoid states and also epilepsy.

  • Rolling of the head is a leading indication for it in brain affections and fever.

  • Throbbing headache, with sensation of stiffness of muscles of face.

  • Dull, drawing headache in the morning, extending into root of nose, with nose-bleed or thick mucous discharge.

  • Pain as from a nail in right side of head.

  • One of the most characteristic of the Agaricus effects is the muscular jerking and twitching it sets up.

  • Twitchings are especially marked in the eyes, eyelids, and facial muscles,

  • Pain as if touched or pierced by needles of ice is very characteristic.

  • Fetidity of breath, eructations, and stools.

  • Sweat may be oily but is not offensive.

  • Agaricus is a spleen medicine, causing stitch in the side, and it has cured stitch in runners, enabling them to run further.

  • The symptoms of Agaricus appear at the same time on opposite sides of the body but diagonally (right upper and left lower, or vice versa).

  • The nervous patients requiring Agar. pass little urine (opp. though the bladder may be irritable.

  • Patients are exceedingly sensitive to cold and damp. Great sensitiveness to cold air.

  • All symptoms are worse in cold weather, especially headache.

  • Looking out of an open window causes tooth-ache and pains in the limbs

  • Worse with drinking cold water worse.

  • Symptoms are worse before a thunderstorm.

  • Symptoms of intense coldness are produced: cold and blue, sensations as if touched with ice, or ice-cold needles.

  •  All the symptoms of frostbite and chilblains (itching, redness, and burning).

  • Used for bunions

  • Many symptoms appear when walking in the open air, this is a very general and characteristic aggravation.

  • On the other hand, all symptoms are worse indoors and at rest, except vertigo, which may be either worse or better in a room.
          Conversely to sensitiveness to cold there is sensitiveness to the rays of the sun, and sunstroke is within the curative range of Agaric. Worse After moving, and by pressure from without.

  • Alcoholism: Agaricus often helps relieve the symptoms and side effects of alcoholism that an individual may suffer through. This may be delirium, it may be an increase in appetite, and it may be a commonly puffy and red face.

  • Chilblains:In this instance, chilblains show up with burning and itching associated with them. The skin gets red and swollen as a result of this condition.

  • Nervous System Disorders:Another use for Agaricus is for degenerative neurological disorders; specifically one which causes twitching and spasms throughout the body. It may also develop into dementia or even multiple sclerosis over time. The symptoms seem to travel down the body in an almost diagonal pattern, and there is often sharp or shooting pains associated with this as well. Agaricus may work as a homeopathic remedy to help with the symptoms and even with the disorder itself.

  • Parkinson’s disease:The body becomes weak and the limbs start to tremble and twitch, slowly at first but then becoming more regular and violent over time. There may be a great sensitivity to touch and there may be a great deal of anxiety, fear, and despair. Agaricus is often looked to as a homeopathic remedy to help with this disease and the symptoms that an individual may suffer from.


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