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Autism Recovery With Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies can help those with Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) improve in dramatic ways.
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"Autism can be reversed, with homeopathic medicine.  We have seen first hand steady improvements week by week, month by month as our child's body gdetoxifies with homeopathy.  Homeopathy works!"

About Autism and Homeopathy
ASD children are more sensitive, and most are hypersensitive. This is why they reacted to vaccinations in the first place. This hypersensitivity is not just on the physical plane, it is also on the emotional/ and spiritual plane. In my practice experience to date, the progression to ASD always has some type of a gestational trauma - physical and/or emotional -of some type connected with it.

For example: it includes things like the age of both parents at conception, attempted abortion or ideas to abort, infertility issues including miscarriage(s) prior, deceit by a partner, emotional abandonment, physical trauma to the mother, any drugs given to the mother or dental fillings while PG, a false AFP or other prenatal tests that were very upsetting to the mother, Rhogam shot for the mother while pregnant, vaccines and flu shots of the mother before or while pregnant, fright, violence, shock of bad news, loss of spouse, death of loved one, loss of a job, financial stress, C-section, difficult labor, labor drugs, a prolonged or stressful labor or delivery, inability to bond, difficulty nursing, difficulty with feeding, post partum depression for the mother, etc.

This gestational energy helps to influence and create the inherited dominant miasm which is shaped from conception on and therefore guides to the constitutional remedy. Genes are switched on and others off prenatally at this time. Miasms are there from birth and the dominant one is the dominant one, just like the blood type is one's blood type for life.

Scientists know that a fetus' fingerprints are shaped between weeks 6 - 21 (amazing right?) - and on examination they tell a little of the story just by the prints. Just comparing the index finger and ring finger on any one, left to right tells a story. Those that are longer on one hand than ring finger, ring finger longer on the other than the index finger) shows they have had prenatal stress in the womb. Likewise, asymmetrical facial features like the eyes being different from each other, nose, mouth, chin and/or ears not perfectly symmetrical also show in the face that there was stress gestationally. This is because the 2 halves of our body grow at difference rates in the womb.

We all have stress, starting in the womb - to some great or lesser degree. It is so often not  just one thing, but a combination of several factors, close in time that create the levels of stress on the VF in all planes we see in ASD children. The hypersensitive child, as a result, falters more easily with all the repeat vaccinations that continue to weaken a struggling VF.

Homeopathic remedies are an energy frequency and provide new energy to the body that are obtained by dosing. Remedies that are selected carefully, properly dosed classically (and in not too high a potency) and homeopathic to the case will strengthen the VF. They will reduce the stress pattern that has been imprinted - including by drugs and vaccines. By adding more energy to the body, and continuing to add it (and in not too high potency to overwhelm the VF) the body gets new energy to function optimally.

To function optimally, the VF will then perform the necessary rebalancing functions to remove drugs and vaccines through its organ relationships and normal detox channels.

The question to ask therefore is not if homeopathy will help the child to recover, but how long it will take.

Recovery time varies of course by case. It varies through practical things like family stress, lifestyle, diet, sleep, exercise, toxic exposures, etc. It varies based on the whole case history, the gathering of enough data, accurately interpreted to make a clear enough picture of a remedy that is most similar to that person's story to prescribe it, and to prescribe it often enough, and at the right potency by the homeopath. The relationship to the homeopath is always a critical partnership. The current family stress and many other factors that impact energy drains on all planes will help or derail progress. The time is takes to recover is the time it takes - the body wants healing and will proceed to heal. But of course for desperate ASD parents, it can't come soon enough!

This is why and dry doses of the wrong remedy can total detail a case, make the journey much harder, or longer for the VF because now the body has to figure out what to do, with the limited energy it has, with new powerful energies that don't match at all - and these are the aggravations and proving symptoms that are experienced and observed.

One observation is that the parents of ASD are incredibly stressed on a continuous basis, and understandably so. Putting a mom or primary care giver on their remedy, while treating the child can shorten recovery time, at least in my experience. There is an old saying "the apple does not fall far from the tree". Often, the remedy the child needs is related strongly to what the mother needed, while pregnant and homeopaths have found this to be true in some cases, but not all.

This is how Homeopaths think and why homeopathy can and does recover ASD children - and so many other pathologies and conditions as a method with 200+ years of proven record of doing so.

Potentized remedies add energy and using the scientific method of homeopathy to prescribe them, that energy is used to push out  disease imprints and correct organ functions. But if the energy is the wrong energy - the body is confused, overwhelmed and can't do its healing work efficiently. But if the remedy is close simile/simillimum - meaning correct energy pattern that supports the VF and miasmatic pattern, you are on your road to recovery, and as long as you stay on the road, through the bumps and have the patience it takes for the journey, we believe that you will get there.

We know that is very difficult for anyone living in the age we live in, where things happen so amazingly fast, internet culture, instantly and we are influenced and a bit programmed to expect and hope for healing results this way - yet the body's design has not changed for millions of years and can't accommodate these expectations.

The body will heal as fast as it is able to safely do so, in the way that the Vital Force knows is most important, first. That on the correct remedy, there will be clear signs within 30 days of movement that continues to grow over time. If one thinks of their ASD child is a custom built automobile, one that needs a certain type of oil, gas and a certain maintenance and speed to run smoothly. It may still run with gas that is not perfect, or if driven too fast, but it will perform much better and more consistently with the correct one, and keep performing down the long road ahead, bumps and all.

The Vaccine and Autism Connection
MMR, Glutamate and Gardasil, Aluminum with Glyphosate
(8:18 minutes)



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