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Autopathy will provide healing energy to the body for a wide variety of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical symptoms and conditions.
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Photo of Autopathy Bottle For Making the Preparation

What Is Autopathy

We provide Autopathy consultations in the USA. We use Autopathy for certain types of cases where conventional and/or classical homeopathy or other homeopathic methods have failed to produce the desired results despite the best training, prescribing and efforts of the Homeopath. Autopathy is also sometimes referred to a "autoisopathy". It is a special and little-known method of holistic healing which has developed out of the two hundred year old tradition of homeopathy. It consists of using the homeopathically highly-diluted saliva, breath or "Prana" of the person who is being treated. Autopahty is a holistic healing method. It has developed developed out of classical homeopathy and ancient traditions and the method is taught by Jiri Cehovsky in Czechoslovakia who developed Autopathy as a unique homeopathic method. 

Jiri Cehovsky in a Homeopath with other 40 years of experience and has written three books on the subject of autopathy available on Amazon including:

The autopathic substance made by the person will be the 100% match to the person using it.  Autopathy is a way to achieve a higher level of health without any risk of aggravations. There have been remarkable documented recovery stories with autopathy according to this method.

About The Autopathy Bottle
The Autopathy bottle is intended for a gradual vortex flux dilution which is designed to achieve a homeopathic potency of own organic information with water to a fine-matter level. This matter can be breath, saliva, "Prana" energy or even stool or urine. 

Through resonance, the fine-matter potency can act positively on the fine-matter (from a materialistic point of view immaterial) based on the spiritual organizing principle in humans, which is also known as "Vital Force", "Prana" or "Chi". 

This energy can help a person to gradually improve their function. The action is always dependent on the internal karmic situation of the individual. The preparation is simple. The Autopathy bottle must be used and the substance is usually made by the person whom application of the bottle concerns, in the own home environment, using various amounts of liters of clean water as advised by the trained Autopathy Practitioner.

Download Autopathy Written Instructions For Preparation

Note: the dosing method(s) to be used and the amount of water is advised by the Homeopathic Practitioner and are based on case history and consultation.

Types of Autopathy Preparations

  • Preparation from heated saliva
    Use in bacterial outbreak, sepsis; symptoms of yeast infections such as vaginal discharge; flatulence; dandruff; white tongue, especially in the morning; fatigue syndrome; strong craving for sweet foods; cancer and precancerous conditions.

  • Preparation from heated breath
    Used in cases of autoimmune illnesses, for example liver or thyroid gland disorders, multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis… It is suitable for rheumatism and joint disorders, back pains, vascular and heart disorders, chronic inflammations of all kinds, cancer, etc. Currently it is the most used method by those doing the most autopathy.

  • Alternating the two previous methods
    Used for eczema, ulcerous colitis, acute problems and many others, including cancer. Preparation from heated breath and saliva are applied alternately, for example one day (week) saliva, second day (week) breath, third day (week) saliva… Or morning heated saliva, evening heated breath. This alternation is at the beginning of the treatment possibly the best thing we can do, if we cannot decide between the two methods. We can use the same bottle for both methods.

  • Combination of heated saliva and breath
    Here we spit in the bottle, fill the whirling chamber with water, bubble breath from the nose through it (exceptionally breath from the mouth, for example in case of children), then boil it. It has proved to be effective for example in cases of eczemas and insomnia.

  • Switch-over to non-heated preparation
    Used only after the organism has been cleaned, which usually needs multiple repetition of AP with heating, it is advantageous to switch-over to pure information without heating. However, not in all cases. I observed in some clients that when even after a year of successful treatment with heating, heating was stopped and pure information without heating was applied, soon a relapse followed and the return to health returned only after renewed application of heated preparation. Many people have cured problems lasting many years only with the help of heated information, without switching-over to pure unheated saliva or breath. Some reacted very well in cases of long-term problems to a series of repeated applications with increasing the potency, for example for fourteen days 6 l and 9 l heated breath and finally 12 l non-heated breath.

  • Preparation from saliva or breath without heating
    This autopathy method is currently recommend it at the beginning of the treatment in cases of immediate after-effects of accidents and also at the beginning of treatment of nursed infants. And of course, also in later phases of treatment, when the organism was cleaned, usually in higher potencies 9 and more liters (till 250 liters). In case of potencies of more than 25 l we generally no longer heat up.

Autopathy Potency and Dosages

  • Regular repeated application.

    • This method is now commend it in almost all cases at the beginning of the treatment.

    • The risk of antidoting is thereby reduced and the pressure on the organism to initiate changes increases.

  • In illnesses that have strong dynamics and quickly develop, whereby they could endanger life, it is necessary to apply as often as possible, for example three (3) times a day.

    • Very serious acute illnesses or serious acute worsening of chronic diseases.

    • We always choose the potency at the beginning of the treatment according to the vitality of the organism

    • On the contrary, when illness develops very slowly, for example years in a similar way and intensity, the interval of application can be longer, such as 14 days or one month.

When to change over to high potencies 

  • High potencies of fifteen liters or more, we usually change to single application and the system of „wait and observe“. Sometimes even single application from three liters caused strong long-term changes.

What to do if the healing reaction recedes or is absent

  • When in the first three weeks of treatment of a chronic disease with repeated application the reaction is weak or it starts to get weaker and disappears, we use increase of potency as the first strategy.

  • As a rule always go up by one and a half liter in case of low potencies up to 9 liters.

  • In the case of larger potencies we can increase also by a higher number of liters.

  • When even in strong gradual increase in the potency no further changes for the better, even small ones, happen (e never concentrate on changes only in one organ, of one problem, etc.

  • The observation of the development must include the whole, both the body and the mind) we change the form of the preparation - for example from heated saliva to heated breath.

  • When also in this case no positive changes take place, we have to search for mistakes in the preparation of the dilution or in the existence of a serious barrier to the treatment that could lie in the client’s life environment or life style. When we use up all possibilities, we ask the client also the question: 

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