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Bacterial Vaginitis and Homeopathy

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Homeopathy for Women

Bacterial Vaginitis

Homeopathic remedies can help a woman with symptoms of bacterial vaginitis.
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Homeopathic Remedies For Bacterial Vaginitis

  • Alumina acrid, burning vaginal discharge. Discharge is transparent and profuse. Flesh or light yellow in color. Worse in the daytime. Discharge gets worse after periods. Washing with cold water relieves. Fatigue appears with profuse vaginal discharges.

  • Arsenicum album - burning discharge.

  • Borax - burning pains with egg white colored discharge.

  • Calcarea carbonica - intense itching with thick white or yellowish discharge that is worse before you start your period.

  • Cantharis   burning on Urination. Burning may also be present before and after urinating. There is also increase in the frequency of urination along with burning, especially during the night. There is also urgency to pass urine and the stream may be weak and pass in a drop by drop manner.

  • Graphites - backache with thin white discharge that is worse in the morning and when walking.

  • Kreosotum vaginal itching; very violent and intense in nature and gets worse during the evening. Soreness and burning in vagina follows scratching. Soreness in the vagina is also felt on urinating, and a stitching pain also be present. There are vaginal discharges that may be white or yellow. Discharges are highly putrid and offensive in nature. They tend to worsen while standing and walking. The discharge is worse between the periods.

  • Medorrhinum Nosode fishy odor of vaginal discharge. Discharge is thick. It has an acrid and excoriating nature. Intense itching in the vagina. Itching is relieved by rubbing. Washing with lukewarm water also reduces the vaginal itching.

  • Nat Mur - white vaginal discharge. The discharge is very profuse, thick and acrid; transparent, watery in the morning hours. Burning and soreness in the vagina is also felt after urinating.

  • Merc Sol green vaginal discharge. Very acrid causing itching in the vagina. Violent burning follows scratching. Itching of vagina worsens while urinating. Cold washing also aggravates the itching. The discharge get worse at night time.

  • Pulsatilla white or creamy, acrid vaginal discharge. The discharge may be thin or thick. It is acrid causing itching, burning and biting in the vagina. The discharges tend to get worse on lying down.

  • Sanicula Fish-smelling vaginal discharge. Discharges are profuse. Milky or yellow colored. It has a strong fishy odor. In Discharge is noted after intercourse that has fishy odor. The odor is very strong and not even removed after bathing.

  • Sepia - For burning pains with milky white discharge and pressure in vaginal area. Top listed medicine. Color of discharge varies and may be yellowish, greenish, milky or clear as water. Excoriating nature causing itching and burning sensation in the vagina. Violent stitches in the vagina may be present. The discharge also has a fetid odor and is most profuse after urinating. An urge to urination.

Douche For Bacterial Vaginitis

  1. Vinegar Douche - 1-2 tablespoons vinegar to 1 quart water, douched. This is to re-acidify the vagina

  2. Baking soda Douche - 1--2 tablespoons baking soda to 1 quart water, douched. This is to re-acidify the vagina

Herbal Douche For Bacterial Vaginitis

  • 20 drops each of Echinacea tincture

  • 20 drops each of Goldenseal tincture

  • 20 drops each of Calendula tinctures

  • Dilute all of these in 1 pint of warm water. 

  • Douche daily 1-2 time, including before bed, for 3 to 7 days.

  • Please be sure to follow this dosing with a re-check at lab if there are concerns about sexually transmitted diseases.

Homeopathic combinations are available as creams to apply vaginally.

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