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Coffea cruda

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Coffea Cruda (Coff.)
(unroasted coffee beans)

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  • Coffea is a wonderful remedy for nervous sensitivity, NERVOUS EXCITABILITY, SENSITIVITY TO ALL STIMULI, including PAIN.

  • Impressionable. AILMENTS FROM EXCESSIVE JOY, sudden pleasant surprises.

  • Highly sensitive persons. Excitable, cheerful, happy.

  • Overexcitement, agitation, nervousness, fear. Fear of death from pain, during labor. Mildness. Easy suppressed (Staph.)

  • Sentimental. Less will power to make a decision. Insecurity inside. Moments of great euphoria, ecstasy. Laughing alternating with crying.

  • SLEEPLESSNESS at night, sleepy all day (Staph). FROM MENTAL EXCITEMENT, after excessive joy. 

  • Waking with many thoughts/ideas. Waking from slight noise.


  • Neuralgic pains.

  • Aggravated by aggravated noise, touch, odors, stimulants, anger, excitement, excessive joy, pleasant surprises.

  • Aggravated odors, taste.

  • Aggravated by open air.

  • Ameliorated by  Sleep.

  • Acute hearing, overhears distant sounds. Noise hurts. Hardness of hearing with noise of buzzing. Acute, sensitive smell. Acute taste.

  • In women: Dysmenorrhea. Severe after pains and labor pains with fear of death.

  • Hypersensitive to touch, can hardly bear a napkin during menses.

  • Voluptuous itching, but to sensitive to rub or scratch.

  • Menses too early, long-lasting, large clots of black blood.

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