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Core Delusions in Homeopathy

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What Is Meant By The Term "Core Delusions?"

Core delusions are connected to cellular memories. Cellular memories are always present in all of us and about 90% of all cellular memories are part of the unconscious. Cellular memories are the energetic "holding" of these events and traumas that take up enormous energy and keep energy away from being access by the immune system and other body systems. These core delusions are what homeopathic medicine aims to recovery in a person and in the process, to rebalance the entire body energy.

  • A core delusion is an expression of the dominant or ruling emotion. The core delusion is the original emotion that happened. Once formed, it becomes the basis or all fixed ideas that follow.  According to Dr. Carl Jung, the famous psychotherapist and a student of Freud, delusions or fixed ideas are created by unresolved, long-lasting, painful events or traumas. 

  • This concept makes up the unconscious motivation behind the actions, thoughts and plans of the client.

  • All of a person's compensations have their beginning back in the original core delusion, from the original trauma.  These core delusions can be formed from conscious, or unconscious events that occurred even before birth, during pregnancy.  A person may create compensations to avoid dealing with these fixed ideas.

  • Delusions are important because always contain some level of truth. Delusions can be formed intrauterine, when the emotions of the mother impact the unborn children.  They are also formed when we have high stress producing trauma at pre-verbal or pre-logical ages.  The higher the level of stress related to that event, the stronger the cellular memoires and core delusion will be.  Delusions are formed when we try to achieve things that are out of our reach, either by over compensating, by trying too hard, by the goal beyond our capability, by being overly optimism, by being overly ambitious, anxious, compulsive, controlling, fearful, egotistical, greedy, jealous or perfectionistic.

  • For deep healing to occur, these cellular memories must be released at some point in one's life.  Even a “positive” delusion can be limiting and can grow in intensity and become excessive or destructive.

  • In homeopathic prescribing, being able to determine the core delusion is an essential step to finding the most similar remedy that will help the person remove that limiting fixed idea. The correct interpretation of the core delusion must match the case as well as the key characteristic and physical symptoms of the person for the remedy to be correctly selected.

  • In women: core delusions are most often linked to traumas of the heart, such as a loss of love, perceived or real; unrequited love; disappointed love, mortification, deception; betrayal, etc.

  • In the case of men: core delusions more often have to do with achievement, performance, work, success and standing in society.

To find a core delusion we observe the behaviors of the person and also ask the person why they do what they do. Then we look closely at the motivations for their behavior.  There can be different reasons for a single behavior and these guide us to the core delusion. 

The Core Delusion in Homeopathy
(13:40 minutes)

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