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Guaifenesin Protocol For Fibromyalgia
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Guaifenesin Protocol For Fibromyalgia

Homeopathic remedies can help a person with symptoms of fibromyalgia, along with the guaifenesin protocol.
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Read more about Fibromyalgia and Homeopathy

Order Guaifenesin in 300 mg and 600 mg pills from

Guaifenesin Protocol For Fibromyalgia
Required Protocol Precautions
Things To Avoid With Guaifenesin Protocol
What Is Guaifenesin?
Where ToBuy Guaifenesin?
Will Mucinex Work For The Protocol?
What Is Short Acting Guaifenesin?

About Salicylate Sensitivity
Guaiacum Officinale Homeopathic Guaifenesin

Vitamin D and Lowering Phosphates

Videos To Watch
Fibromyalgia Documentary - Getting Our Lives Back
Practical Tips On How To Start The Guaifenesin Protocol
Dr. St. Amandís Low Carb Diets to Control Hypoglycemia
Interview About Fibromyalgia With Dr. Melissa Congdon on Guaifenisin Protocol


Guaifenesin Protocol For Fibromyalgia
This is the tree bark also made into a homeopathic remedy called "Guaiacum officinale"

  • Clients begin with 300 milligrams of long acting guaifenesin (order from twice a day for one week.

  • Feeling distinctly worse suggests adequate dosage and clients remain on that amount.

  • This suffices for only 20% of clients.

  • If symptoms do not worsen, we increase to 600 mg twice daily.

  • Reversal begins for 80% of clients at one of these two levels leaving 20% who will need more.

  • Dosages should be increased slowly

  • After one month a client should begin 1800 mg. if no change is seen.

Required Precautions During The Guaifenesin Protocol For Fibromyalgia

  • Removal of ALL Salicylates is required for the protocol to be effective.

  • Check all products used for body, teeth, hair, lotions, sunscreens, vitamins

  • Gather up everything you take as a medication including prescription, over the counter, vitamins, and supplements and any product you apply to your skin


Things To Avoid With The Guaifenesin Protocol For Fibromyalgia.

If you do not see one of these on the label, the product is
allowed for use.



    Exceptions are Corn, Rice, Oats, Wheat, or Soy which you CAN use)


  • Sunscreens

    • No Octisalate

    • No Homosalate

    • No Mexoryl

    • No Meradimate

  • Vitamins

    • No Bioflavinoids

    • No Quercetin

    • No Hesperiden

    • No Rutin

  • No herbal ingredients (plant oils or extracts)


    • Make sure the flavor is not mint of any kind: wintergreen, spearmint, peppermint, etc.

    • Ingredients may not contain MENTHOL, CAMPHOR, or SALICYLATE.


What Is Guaifenesin? 
For more information see

Guaifenesin (or glyceryl guaiacolate or Guaiacum Officinale as a homeopathic remedy) is an old medication, a synthetic version of the active compound in a tree-bark that has been used to liquefy mucus.  It has been used for conditions such as bronchial infections, colds, sinus infections and allergies, and in clients with some chronic lung conditions.

The 1955 edition of the Textbook of Pharmacognosy states: "Guaiacum has a local stimulant action which is sometimes useful in sore throat. The resin is used in chronic gout and rheumatism, whilst the wood is an ingredient in the compound concentrated solution of sarsaparilla, which was formerly much used as an alternative in syphilis." Other books mention it as a treatment for growing pains and menstrual cramps.

Guaifenesin was approved by the FDA in 1952 and was available as a prescription pill but over the counter in various cough and cold mixtures due to those being a lower strength.  

In 2002 the FDA made a ruling that changed the guaifenesin protocol substantially. The many brands of (generic) prescription long acting guaifenesin were taken off the market.  A more expensive over-the-counter) product, Mucinex was approved in their place. Although Mucinex is considered a replacement for what had been on the market for so long it really isnít quite the same. Mucinex is actually a bi-layered tablet with a white short acting layer (100 mg) as well as a timed release blue portion. (500 mg)  This product was manufactured by Adams, but now is owned by Reckitt Benckiser.

The Marina del Rey Pharmacy (at www. developed a capsule from guaifenesin for use with the guaifenesin protocol for fibromyalgia. It is currently available over the counter and is also sold by mail order.  This product does NOT have a short-acting part to it which is helpful to low dose clients.  This is because the short acting layer can produce more symptoms as it reverse the fibro.

In 2013, the generic house Perrigo brought to market an extended release guaifenesin tablet which is 600 mg. of straight long-acting.  This product is white (no dye) but does contain compressed sugar as an additive to mask the bitter natural taste of guaifenesin.  This is marketed as a generic product, usually in a blue and white box with red, bearing the brand name of the pharmacy where it is sold.  For example the Rite Aid product is called Mucus Relief and the Kroger brand is Mucus-ER 12 hour.  The boxes contain the tagline ďCompare to Mucinex.Ē 

It's no longer necessary to use the high doses of guaifenesin utilized in the past. Short acting guaifenesin when added to long acting has proven a very effective delivery system. This is due to the action of the cytochrome system which is designed to protect the body by destroying foreign substances.

The Guaifenesin Protocol for fibromyalgia starts out on 300 mg twice a day of long-acting guaifenesin. This should NOT be a short acting or quick release product. Only use Mucinex or a compounded guaifenesin that is reliably longer acting. Only 20% of respond at 300 mg. twice a day.  Do not use lower doses than 600 mg. a day. If you are starting with Mucinex starting with 900 mg. a day (1/2 in the a.m. and a full pill at night) so that you will be getting the equivalent of at least 600 mg. of long acting in a 24 hour period.

Clients remain at 300 mg. twice a day for ONE WEEK. If they doesn't feel worse, then to increase the dose to 600 mg twice a day. The 600 mg. twice a day is the correct dose for the next one month.  Feeling worse should be distinct like a bad flare of any or all symptoms. If you are taking Mucinex you should go to 600 mg. morning and night OR one full pill in the a.m. and 1 full pill in the p.m.

Left Thigh Clearing: If the client's left thigh has not cleared to palpation after one month, or if they notice NO CHANGE in symptoms, the dose needs to be raised again.  If a client is taking Mucinex, they should go to 3 tablets a day. (can be taken as 1 in the a.m. --2 in the p.m. or 1 1/2 twice a day.)

If the client is taking a compounded longer acting guaifenesin from www. the dose can be raised by adding a 400 mg. short acting twice a day to the 600 mg twice a day  or by adding another 600 mg. tablet.

When  a higher dose is needed \use short and long acting (2 each, twice a day). This combination is working very well and seems to be handling between 90 - 95% of clients.  If money is not an issue, 2400 mg. of Mucinex with its two layers accomplishes the same thing.

Where To Buy Guaifenesin

Mucinexô is the FDA approved time-released guaifenesin 600 mg. 
  • This can be purchased at any pharmacy. It is a bi-layered tablet containing both long and short acting guaifenesin. Our suggestion is that when using Mucinex begin at a full tablet twice daily to insure enough long-acting.  If reversal symptoms are too severe then switch to the Marina del Rey 300 mg. capsules.

Compounded Guaifenesin from Marina del Rey Pharmacy or 310-823-5311

  • There are two strengths of this product available: 300 and 600 mg capsules.  Clients should start with the 300 mg. strength (twice a day) and double that after one week if no change is noticed.  If the 300 mg. twice a day does not cause a flare of your symptoms, you double that dose to 600 mg. twice a day and can switch to the 600 mg. strength.
  • Outside the USA: If you live outside the US you will pay less import duty if you purchase it with a prescription. The prescription should read Guaifenesin 600 mg. dye free. Research what your country will let you import in one shipment, usually a 90 day supply. Check your local laws. For details contact Marina del Rey Pharmac

 Extended Release Guaifenesin 600 mg. tablets

  • This product is manufactured by Perrigo and is sold in pharmacies as a generic brand. (Called things like Mucus Relief, etc.) It must say EXTENDED RELEASE. Currently not being manufactured because of a supply issue it can still be found by shopping around.  Some pharmacies currently have it on sale: stock up if you like this product. Also ask a manager to order some for you.
  • Start this product by cutting it in half, 300 mg. twice daily. If no change you would increase the dose by taking a full pill twice a day. After a month the dose would be raised (if no change) to one in the morning and two at night.
  • WARNING: GUAI-AID 600 mg (and other strengths) is NOT long acting guaifenesin. This is not suggested as a stand alone guaifenesin although it can be used as an add-on to a longer acting product. The advertising for this product is consistently misleading and we advise clients to avoid it for that reason.

Will Mucinex Work For The Guaifenesin Protocol?

  • Mucinex will work if you are taking the right dose.  The problem is that when you are starting out, you must remember that one Mucinex tablet is not 600 mg. of long acting.  For a very tiny number of people this won't matter because the amount they need to clear is less than 600 mg.a day.  However, this is not the case for most people.  We believe that 99.9% of fibromyalgics need at least 600 mg of long acting a day to clear. Since each Mucinex tablet is 100 mg of short acting and 500 mg. of long acting, for most this isn't enough long acting.  When people switch between brands--say the Perrigo which is all long acting, they are taking less long acting when they take Mucinex.
  • The second part of of this is that short acting guaifensin has a kick. Pulls a punch. So what happens is that when people who start on Mucinex 1/2 tablet twice a day, they feel the short acting. They hurt more so they assume they have found the correct dose. But they do not have enough of the long acting to continue the clearing and so they hurt but they are not clearing.
  • It is best for those to start on the FibroPharmacy 300 mg capsules, one twice a day, or the Perrigo 600mg extended release one half-twice a day. This way, without any short acting to confuse the issue, it is easier to find your dose.
  • If you start on Mucinex you can take 1/2 pill in the morning and a full pill at night.  That puts you just over the magic 600mg a day of extended release that low dose people generally need to clear. 

What Is Short Acting Guaifenesin?

  • This guaifenesin called short acting or immediate release guaifenesin is available in 200 and 400 mg strengths.  It is sold as a store brand generic and also available
  • For those requiring higher doses than 1200 mg a day of long acting, you may add short acting to save money.  A long-short acting combination is very effective: for example two long and two short twice a day seems to work for all but extremely high dose clients. 
  • Once you have found your dose you can add short acting as per your own tolerance to speed up clearing. 

About Salicylate Sensitivity

  • Salicylates on the skin will BLOCK the action of guaifenesin. Salicylate sensitivity is common. Many people have difficulty tolerating many vegetables and fruits, aspirin, or other medications which contain aspirin. They have allergies to plants and pollen, or contact dermatitis when exposed to extracts or derivatives. In 1964, Dr. W.B. Shelly noted in The Journal of The American Medical Association that a number of plants contain a "natural salicylate radical which have the potential to induce the same kind of adverse reactions caused by manufactured aspirin."

  • Salicylate sensitivity can manifest itself in many ways, including asthma, fatigue, skin irritations, hives, rashes, increased sensitivity, reddening of the eyes and face, changes in skin color, swelling of the eyelids, face, and lips, photo sensitivity increased tear secretion, headaches and hyperactivity, as well as some cognitive and perceptual disorders.
  • Although much attention has been given to the dietary restrictions in these sensitive people, even small amounts of salicylate applied topically are absorbed by the body and are known to have caused the above reactions.

About Guaiacum Officinale - Homeopathic Form Of Guaifenesin

Guaiacum Officinale (Guai.)  Gum guaiacum. Guaiacum officinale. The gum-resin of Lignum sanctum or Lignum vite, a large tree growing in W. Indies. N. O. Zygophyllaceae. Tincture of the gum-resin.

* Rheumatic and arthritic conditions.
- Mind becomes less flexible and capable.
Stiff, immobilised and slow.
- Critical from inability of mind.
- Weak memory, especially for names.
- Absentminded. Easily distracted.
- Dull, sluggish. It is an effort to think.
- Difficulty expressing ideas. Cannot say what he means.
- Answers slowly. Stares. Reflects long
- Unclear. Confusion of thoughts.
- Aversion to work, to talk. Want to be left alone. Misantrophy.
- Vacant state, as if there is nothing in the mind.
- Feel as if in a dream, unreal.
- Look like tubercular people, earthy color.
- amel. COLD APPLICATIONS (Fl-ac, Lac-c, Led, Puls, Sulph).
- agg. Exertion, motion, touch.
- agg. WARMTH.
- Burning pains.
- Desire to stretch (Rhus-t).
Food and drinks
- Desire: Apples (Ap-g, Tell, Ust).
- Aversion: Milk.
- amel. Apples.
- Sensation of swelling or actual swelling.
Eyelids appear too short.
- Frightened, staring look.
- Old looking.
- Left sided neuralgia, amel. pressure, agg. 6 p.m. to 4 a.m. . Daily.
- Rheumatic sore throat with weak throat muscles.
- Constriction and burning pain, amel. apples.
Female genitalia
- Ovaritis in rheumatic women. Dysmenorrhea.
- Pleuritic stitches.
- painful stiffness, agg. motion.
- Sciatica, lumbago agg. warmth.
- ARTHRITIC, RHEUMATIC, GOUTY PAIN often with sensation of heat in affected limb.
amel. COLD APPLICATIONS (Lac-c, Led, Puls, Sulph).
agg. Warmth, exertion, motion, pressure.
Joints mostly affected: wrists, knees, ankles.
- Abscesses in swollen joints.
- Tendons shortened, swollen, stiff (Caust, Plb, Ruta). Contracted, especially hamstrings.
- Immovable stiffness.
- Growing pains (Calc-p).
- Nightmares when lying on the back. Wakes screaming.

Vitamin D and Phosphates

Like any chemical compound, Vitamin D participates in many metabolic pathways. In each it's role is different. So if you are trying to dump phosphates, you may not want too much of it around. The below pathway for phosphates​ assumes that body is regulating Vitamin D. If the body is getting extra vitamin D in absence low phosphate diet. Guaifenesin plays a role somewhere along this pathway - and Vitamin D will be in direct opposition to it.

Inline image 2

Fibromyalgia Documentary - Getting Our Lives Back
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Dr. St. Amandís Low Carb Diets to Control Hypoglycemia
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Interview About Fibromyalgia With Dr. Melissa Congdon on Guaifenisin Protocol
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