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Healing Code Method
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Homeopathy for Women

Healing Code Method
based on the book and method "The Healing Code" by Dr. Andrew Lloyd
"Guard your heart above everything else, because from it flows the issues of life."  Proverbs 4:23

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Healing Code Prayer

"I pray that all known and unknown negative images 
Unhealthy beliefs, destructive memories, cellular images and all destructive physical issues
Related to: (state your issue(s) to be healed here)
Be found opened and healed 
By filling me with your love, light, life and truth. 
 I also ask that the effects of this healing be increased to the highest level
for my greatest good at this time
While still being gentle, easy and quick."

How To Do The Healing Code Positions:

After you say the Healing Prayer (above) you hold energy at the 4 points of energy for 30 seconds each position.
You imagine a calm, positive and happy image during this whole time and breathe deeply, in a relaxed state while doing and holding these 4 points of energy below.

These points are done by holding the first 2 fingers and thumb and pointing them 3 inches away from the point at:

1. the brow point (pineal and pituitary gland)
2. the base of the neck (thyroid gland)
3. then both jaws
4. and last at both temples

The cycle of the 4 energy point positions is repeated 3 times in a row.
A full cycle last about 6 minutes.

The Healing code timer video below will provide soothing music and chime prompts for when to change positions.

Healing Code Demonstration

Healing Code Explanation and Demonstration
(8:13 minutes)


Healing Code Timer by Dr. Alex Lloyd
(6:36 minutes)



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