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Herring's Law of Cure
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Homeopathy for Women

Hering's Law of Cure

This "Law of Cure" is attributed by Constantine Herring, Master Homeopath. Contact us to learn more!

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Hering’s Law of Cure – How The Body Heals

  • This Law means that healing always goes in a specific direction and is known as “Direction of Cure”.
  • The process of recovery in the emotional plane is similar to the physical plane. 
  • Often an emotional issue(s) that’s ready to be released is the first to go.

Symptoms should move according to a healing process that goes in this order to be considered positive progress in a case and “Direction Of Cure”:

  • From Above to Downward
    Relief is felt in the upper part of body before the lower.
  • From Within to Outward
    The last place disease shows up is on the skin, before being resolved.
  • From a More Important Organs to a Less Important Ones
    From vital organs, such as liver or lungs – then to the skin and extremities later.
  • In the Reverse Order of their Coming
    Healing progresses in a definite order, going in reverse chronological order:
    • From the most recent illnesses to the oldest.
    • In the  process of recovery, a client may re-experience at a milder level previous symptoms which is called return of old symptoms.  These should pass through with less intensity and more quickly than when they first occurred.

    • The state of health will retrace backward via the same path that led to condition in the first place.

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