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Lac Humanum
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Homeopathy for Women

Lac Humanum - Human Breast Milk Remedy

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About Lac Humanum - Human Breast Milk

All mother’s milk is consistent and almost identical in quality no matter how malnourished a mother might be, the variation is more on the quantity than on the quality of the milk produced. There are however subtle differences in its constitution to allow for the specific requirements of each infant and for the particular immunoglobulin profile of the mum, reflecting her own disease history.

Human milk helps to strengthen the baby’s physical body preparing it for his/her unique spiritual blue prints, at the same time as providing a safe platform for creating a sense of community, understanding and integration with all humankind on the planet.

Lac Humanum - Main Symptoms

  • Sensation of floating from the waist up like a hot air balloon on waking, which reflects the lack of grounding,

  • Too sensitive to other people‘s energies and to their own surroundings and can be yet unsympathetic to others suffering.

  • Delusion as if in a dream.

  • Mood swings.

  • Dependence or independence issues with fear of being alone.

  • Lack of self-awareness

  • Anger

  • Weight fluctuation.

  • PMS and sadness during menses.

  • Post-natal depression.

  • Symptoms reflect a lack of integration within the group

  • Lack of awareness of one’s own physical body.

  • Physical complaints alternate sides.

  • Crave sweets and starches, chocolate, salt, bacon, ginger

  • Can have eating disorders - anorexia, bulimia.

  • They are often thirstless.

  • Often chilly.

  • They tend to have cracks in corners of mouth.

  • Nausea from odor of food.

  • Pain in chest from sternum to back is a common symptom.

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