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Loss of Taste Or Smell
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Homeopathy for Women

Homeopathy For Loss of Taste or Smell

Homeopathic remedies will with the loss of taste or smell. Contact us to learn more!

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  • Ammonium Mur los of smell with cough  and stoppage  of the nose.

  • Anacardium frequent sneezing, sense of smell affected, violent coryza with palpitation, especially in the aged.

  • Belladonna tingling in tip of nose, coryza , mucus mixed with blood, imaginary odors

  • Calcarea Carb polyps with loss of smell, swelling at root of nose, takes cold at every change of weather.

  • Calcarea Sulph coryza with polyuria, loss of smell with yellowish purulent discharge.

  • Carbolic Acid sense of smell very acute.

  • Hepar Sulph - loss of smell with offensive nasal discharge smells like old cheese, stopped up in cold air.

  • Hyoscyamous Niger loss of smell and taste. Nostrils sooty, smoky. Sudden jerks at root of nose. Cramp pain at root of nose.

  • Kali Bichromicum loss of sense of smell, with a  thick, ropy , green- yellow nasal discharge and violent sneezing. For anosmia that is linked with sinusitis, constant stuffiness in the nose, stringy/sticky nasal discharge and fullness at the root of the nose

  • Kali Iodide loss of smell. sensation as if worms crawling at root of nose.

  • Lycopodium sense of smell very acute.

  • Lemna Minor - for anosmia in cases of nasal polyps. The person requiring this remedy experiences a loss of smell, obstruction in nostrils, and frequent sneezing attacks.

  • Merc. Cor    loss of smell with sore throat.

  • Natrum Mur if Pulsatilla fails try this remedy. loss of smell and taste.  For anosmia where there are nasal allergies present. The guiding features to use Natrum Mur include loss of smell along with other nasal discharges and dryness in nostrils.

  • Phosphorus foul imaginary odors. coryza alternately fluent  and dry on alternate sides. loss of smell along with poly

  • Plumbum loss of smell with epilepsy.

  • Pulsatilla loss of sense of smell . the nose becomes blocked , especially on the right side. yellow mucus, worse in the morning. For anosmia attended with loss of taste. In some cases, the person may experience loss of appetite. Other attending features include greenish nasal discharges and sneezing, especially during sleep.

  • Sepia chronic nasal catarrh. thick greenish discharge. pain at root of nose.

  • Silicea nose, dry obstructed with loss of smell. cracks  in nostrils . perforation of nasal septum. For anosmia where the person suffers from chronic nasal catarrh. For using Silicea, the symptoms that may be present along with a loss of smell include a burning sensation in nostrils, dryness in nostrils and the presence of hard crusts in the nostrils.

  • Teucrium   chronic catarrh with loss of sense of smell . the breath is foul.

  • Thuja - loss of smell along with allergic rhinitis.  Sinusitis with bad smelling greenish discharge from nose

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