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Megapotencies and Homeopathy

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Megapotencies and Homeopathy

Homeopathic mega potency remedies can uproot deep emotional traumas!
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About Megapotencies

  • Megapotencies are very high potencies of specific homeopathic remediesthat impact the mind-body-spirit connections of common mental, physical and emotional conditions.

  • The homeopathic remedies in 10MM are used for "shock blocks" or significant trauma in a person's timeline
    and can help to remarkably resolve long standing complaints.

  • Mega potencies are very high potencies (VHP) that have been coined with this term by Jill Turland, an Australian Homeopath who has been working with these high potencies for many years.  She is the author of the book "Getting Back On Track": Using Megapotencies Homeopathy". Turland has over 30 years in practice, researching the mind-body-spirit connections of common mental, physical and emotional conditions crippling the world today, and their homeopathic treatment and resolution.

  • Jill Turland has been in practice since 1979, she is one of Australia’s most experienced practitioners. Her research into common trauma remedies started in 1991 when she began to refine her understanding of the psychology of injuries and the corresponding benefits of injury remedies in the resolving of our major epidemic chronic diseases. With Bryan Barrass, an osteopathic chiropractor with a great interest in homeopathy, she has researched the homeopathic remedies applicable to muscular and skeletal patterns, and the emotional origins of these patterns. Jill's work combines psychoneuroimmunology and quantum mechanics with chiropractic and osteopathic wisdom to expand the understanding of how homeopathic remedies work. These remedies and the story of their amazing new uses are described in detail in the book "Getting Back On Track Using Megapotency Homeopathy".

What Megapotencies Are Used For

Very high potency homeopathic remedies known as "megapotencies" are used
for the resolution of guilt, grief and fear and their subsequent physical illnesses.

The 11 main megapotencies that are most commonly used by Homeopaths and others who are well trained in their used include these remedies:

  1. Aconite 10MM – Trauma and fright trauma from near death incidents.
  2. Arnica 10MM – Trauma from physical injuries or accidents.
  3. Conium 10MM – Trauma from financial failures, pressures or lack of financial support.
  4. Hydrastis 10MM – Trauma,  injury or musculoskeletal issues from carrying too much responsibility.
  5. Hypericum 10MM – Trauma from drug abuse, medical drug abuse and low self esteem.
  6. Ignatia 10MM – Trauma from significant grief events.
  7. Ledum 10MM – Trauma and guilt from resentment and held grievances.
  8. Natrum Muriaticum 10MM – Trauma from long held grief, abandonment or disappointment.
  9. Ruta graveolens 10MM  – The need to always be strong through all life’s up and downs.
  10. Staphysagria 10MM – Trauma and mortification from bodily harm including medical interventions.
  11. Symphytum 10MM – Physical trauma and breakdown of musculoskeletal and other body tissues.

Homeopaths will sometimes use a 10MM often as an opening remedy for the most for deeply rooted mental, emotional, societal challenges.  These potencies can  be repeated the most often and is in a way the most gentle but also deep acting.

Mega potencies refer to CM, MM, and 10MM as "megapotencies". These are the equivalents for the C scale and megapotenices:

  • 50M    =         50,000 C

  • CM     =        100,000 C

  • MM     =     1,000,000 C

  • 10MM =    10,000,000 C

  • 50MM =    50,000,000 C

  • 100MM = 100,000,000 C


Watch This Video
Jill R. Turland Interview - "Getting Back On Track: Using Megapotency IHomeopathy"
August 26, 2020
20:49 minutes


Book Review: Getting Back On Track – Using Megapotency Homeopathy by Jill Turland

"This is a book that is going to rock you back on your heels and get you thinking along new lines. It will enable you to lift up your life and get free of social conditioning that has been crippling us all for thousands of years. In addition, the book will show you how many of the complications to health brought about by medical procedures and drugs over the last century, based on false understandings, can be resolved.

Ten common homeopathic remedies in very high (mega) potencies, can release commonly stored emotions, attitudes and false beliefs, thus allowing the body to heal itself of a wide range of physical complaints. Read what these crippling beliefs are, how they have allowed us to be led along, like lambs to the slaughter, by the nose, into a cul-de-sac of personal, social and medical ignorance - and what you can do to get your life back on track.

Healing your emotions, freeing yourself of your accumulated emotional baggage and getting your life on track, is not traumatic, not a slow process, does not require intense investigation into your childhood nor the re-experiencing of harrow traumas. It does not require hours or years of counseling, psychology, hypnosis, auto-suggestion, religious conversion, past-life therapy, meditation, vegetarianism, self-analysis, relationship analysis, praying, New Year resolutions, will-power, months in the wilderness or sailing singlehanded around the world.

Getting Back on Track shows you the true healing. Not the way to unrestrained, detrimental emotions, not the way to violent outbursts of anger or floods of tears of grief, not the way to guilt-free irresponsibility. None of these is healthy, either. What you will get is personal growth, so that new insight gives you freedom from anger, freedom from grief, freedom from guilt, freedom from fear, and with this freedom, a new strength to take positive steps towards your own, and therefore planetary healing."

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