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Homeopathy for Women

Homeopathy For Miscarriage

Homeopathy can be used for effectively in women with a miscarriage. Contact us to learn more!

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For severe bleeding call 911 or go to the emergency room immediately!

Below are a list of the most commonly used homeopathic remedies for a threatened miscarriage including early trimester bleeding, from a weak uterus, miscarriage after shocks, or severe bleeding.

  • Arnica
    If a miscarriage is caused by a blow; lifting heavy weights; overreaching; a fall; or any other violent concussion; when pains, which bear down heavily, or real labor pains make their appearance, with a mixed discharge from the vagina. If given on time; it will often remove the threatened miscarriage.

  • Belladonna
    For miscarriage from abuse of narcotics or stimulants. Blood is profuse, hot red in color and gushes. Shooting pains come and go suddenly.  Sensation as if the back would break. Worse from jarring movement or touch. Sensitive to light, noise, jarring or dizzy. Anxious, angry and confused with wild appearance.

  • Caulophyllum
    For women who have a tendency to suffer from miscarriages. There is a weakening of the uterine tissues. For habitual miscarriage or women  under constant threat of recurring miscarriages, all kinds of bleeding from the uterus, and heaviness in the abdominal area when pregnant. Physical symptoms evident during the condition include the presence of severe uterine spasms passing all over the body, the development of an excruciating pain that seems to radiate in all directions within the body. Trembling physical weakness in the body. Symptoms also include profuse to thin and extremely acrid vaginal discharge from time to time. The menstrual cycle of the woman may often come early, and is always heavy or prolonged in duration. Symptoms include extreme physical exhaustion, and sudden appetite loss,  the weak memory, and tendency to suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders.

  • Cimicifuga
    For the threat of a miscarriage during the third month of pregnancy. Extreme and cramping pains that seem to fill the abdomen across from side to side, and tend to radiate left to right, or down to the thighs. Accompanied by nausea, and spells of fainting or dizziness and backache. Can be doubled up with the extreme painful sensations passing over the body. Symptoms  include the ovarian neuralgia. The woman may often cry out from the pain. psychological symptoms include feelings of insanity due to the extreme pain. Psychological symptoms also include the presence of a deep and persistent depression along with a feeling of constant dread about her surroundings and life in general. Menstrual issues tend to be very dark, often clotted, offensive smelling. The menstrual cycle is  irregular and the painful sensations often increase with the flow of blood from the uterus.

  • Crocus Sativa
    Miscarriage in first or third month. Metrorrhagia after abortion. Menses copious. Menses, dark, ropy, stringy, clots. Sensation of something alive in abdomen esp. left side, dd. Thuja right side, dd. Sabina en Sabad. Erroneous ideas about the body, dd. Sabad. Changeable mood, rapidly changing. Laughing alternating with quarrelsomeness or violence. Anger, alternating with quick repentance and singing. Feeling being not attractive enough, but I don’t want to be excluded, so I must not be boring.

  • Erigeron
    Miscarriage due to exercise, with profuse bleeding. Bright red blood loss, gushing of blood. Ailments from wounds and trauma. Indolence, aversion to work. Loss of ambition, afternoon and evening. Irritability in the morning. Frightened waking from a dream. Weeping during urination. Cheerful after urination. Painful urination during metrorrhagie. 

  • Helonias
    Tendency to abortion, from emotions, exertion, weakness and atony of uterus (no contractions or weak contractions). Severe, protracted bleeding, fibroids, heaviness/consciousness of uterus and back. Weakness. Exhausted, heavy belly, bearing-down and wants to hold abdomen. Sensation of fullness and heaviness. Too worn out, to many pregnancies. Feeling they are excluded from the group, excluded from happy feelings. Sadness and exhaustion especially during and after pregnancy. The sight of happy people makes them feel even more sad, does not cheer them up, wants to be alone. Hypertension, diabetes, albuminurie, glucosurie, cave toxicosis in pregnancy

  • Sabina
    Has a special action on the uterus; also upon serous and fibrous membranes; hence its use in gout. Pain From sacrum to the pubis. hemorrhages, where blood is fluid and clots together. Tendency to miscarriage, especially at third month. Violent pulsations; wants windows open. Better in cool fresh air. Worse from least motion, heat, warm air.

  • Secale
    For the constant threat of a miscarriage during the third month of a pregnancy. Extremely heavy flows of a black, and offensive smelling, watery looking or oozing blood during the menstrual period. Extremely cold and almost blue skin, often with cramping in the fingers. Physical feebleness and exhaustion. Pain forces the woman to bear or bend down; these forceful sensations are present at all times of the day and night.

  • Sepia
    For tendency to get miscarriages during the fifth to the seventh month of a term of pregnancy. Persistent morning sickness every day. Sensation of a ball like structure within the uterus. The painful sensations may make women feel like they need to bear or bend down with the pain. The woman may also suffer from a prolapsed uterus, and can often be affected by fibroids in the uterine tissues. The woman also finds any motions performed by the developing fetus to be intolerable and extremely uncomfortable. Yellow colored discharges. There are also extreme and severe itching sensations in the vulva which can trigger the miscarriage. Chills running down the body; physical exhaustion at most times of the day and night. Worse in the mornings and in the evenings; dampness aggravates. Very weary, and worn out from fatigue. Depression, and indifference to most things, aversion to sexual intercourse. The woman in addition desires to be left alone at most times.

  • Ustilago Maydis
    Tendency of aborting in third month. Atony of the uterus. Sensation of a ‘knot’, in the abdomen, or in the uterus, pain from abdomen to thighs. Recurrent abortion. Dark blood, ropy. Passive bleeding aggravate by motion.




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