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Acute Remedy Kit - 200C Remedy Kit

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 Acute Remedy Kit - 200C Remedy Kit

Owning your own acute remedy kit will save money on doctor visits and help you avoid unnecessary drugs and antibiotics!

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Acute Remedy Kit contains 50 homeopathic remedies in 200C potency for family use.
Cost: $159 + $17 shipping in the USA.
(Discounted price from normal price of $299 - with individual remedies that are normally sold for $10 - $20 each)

Note: This remedy kit is not only for women!
The remedies it contains are used by anyone, including infants to seniors for hundreds of health issues!

Kit comes with a FREE e-book "About Homeopathy: Beginner's Guide & Tips" (normally $10)


About the Acute 200C Remedy Kit with 50 Remedies in 200C Potency

  • The acute remedy kit contains 1/2 dram of each remedy listed below in a labeled, sealed glass vials in a convenient plastic storage case.

  • This kit has 50 remedies in a 200C potencies of the most common acute remedies that we recommend.

  • We include a FREE e-book About Homeopathy that contains detailed instructions for both dry dosing and water dosing plus constitutional remedy profiles, commonly used homeopathic remedies and many other tips!

  • Cost: $159 plus $17 shipping in the USA.

  • Shipping to Canada by priority mail is $37. 

  • Shipping to other countries by priority mail is about $55, but prices vary depending on country.

  • We will advise the cost for additional shipping for countries outside the USA.

This kit contains a 1/2 dram vial of pill for each the 50 remedies listed below in a 200C potency.

  1. Aconite

  2. Allium Cepa

  3. Alumina

  4. Ant. Tart.

  5. Apis

  6. Arg. nit.

  7. Arnica

  8. Arsenicum alb.

  9. Belladonna

  10. Bryonia

  1. Calc. Carb.

  2. Calendula

  3. Cantharis

  4. Carbo Veg.

  5. Causticum

  6. Chamomilla

  7. Cinch. Off (China)

  8. Cocculus

  9. Coffea Cruda

  10. Colocynthis

  1. Drosera

  2. Euphrasia

  3. Ferrum Phos

  4. Gelsemium

  5. Hepar Sulphur

  6. Hyoscyamus

  7. Hypericum

  8. Ignatia

  9. Ipecac

  10. Kali Bich

  1. Lachesis

  2. Ledum

  3. Lycopodium clav.

  4. Magnesium phos.

  5. Mercurius sol.

  6. Natrum mur.

  7. Nux vomica

  8. Phosphorus

  9. Pulsatilla

  10. Rhus Tox

  1. Ruta

  2. Sepia

  3. Silicea

  4. Spongia

  5. Staphysagria

  6. Stramonium

  7. Sulphur

  8. Symphytum

  9. Thuja

  10. Zincum metallicum

Download A Free Remedy Dosing Chart For Tracking Doses (PDF)
homeopathy for the all types of acute conditions, conveniently and effectively - at home!

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