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Homeopathy for Women

Rheum Officinale
(Rheum) homeopathic rhubarb)

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  • Rheum is derived from the rhubarb plant.

  • Impatient and vehement; desires many things and cries

  • Emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition; irritability; during chill
    Emotions, feelings, attitude, disposition; irritability; while perspiring

  • Cool sweat on the face, especially about mouth and nose.

  • Skin and scalp; perspiration; scalp

  • Sweat on hairy scalp; constant and profuse

  • Twitching; lids

  • Breath smells sour

  • Difficult teething; restless and irritable

  • Much saliva

  • Sensation of coolness in teeth

  • Colicky pain about navel

  • Stomach; appetite; ravenous, excessive; without enjoying food (see aversion to food)

  • Colic when uncovering

  • Feels full.

  • Stomach; Desire for various kinds of food, but soon tires of all

  • Throbbing in pit

  • Wind seems to rise up to chest.

  • Stools smell sour, pasty, with shivering and tenesmus, and burning in anus

  • Before stool, unsuccessful urging to urinate

  • Colicky, even ineffectual urging to evacuate altered faecal stools.

  • Diarrhea; in children

  • Diarrhea; while teething

  • Urging, desire to stool, urge to stool, or urinate, but producing nothing; after stool

  • Sour diarrhea during dentition

  • Odor; sour

  • Pasty, mushy

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Homeopathy for Menopause


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