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Vernix caseosa, Vernix

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Vernix Caseosa

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About Vernix Caseosa

Vernix Caseosa is the cheesy, waxy, greasy layer that is formed during weeks seventeen through twenty of gestation, and then commonly disappears before birth. Sometimes, however, the newborn is covered with it. This phenomenon is common in aquatic mammals, but we humans are the only land animals where our young experience this substance. It is made up of the same material extruded from our sebaceous glands that become active during puberty. As a remedy, it is a protector on so many level. On the biochemical level, it contains vitamin K and is antibacterial. However, the metaphoric code reflects this biochemical one on another level. It brings an array of gifts reflecting “protection”, the keynote of this remedy.

Symptoms and Keynotes of Vernix Caseosa Remedy

  • It is as if they have no boundary between them and the outside world, and they become vulnerable to any attack, however subtle they might be. As in all the Matridonal remedies, there is a loss and a lack of sense of identity.

  • Feel "pourus".

  • Feelings of being unprotected and assaulted, even poisoned.  

  • Overwhelmed.

  • As if there is no barrier between them and the world.

  • History of abuse where any barriers that might have existed had been breached or violated, and terror had replaced them.

  • Useful in symptoms of environmental illness and environmental toxins.

  • Chronic fatigue.

  • Allergies.

  • Autism and Autistic spectrum syndromes.

“Vernix enables us to stay in contact with the outside world on all levels without being overwhelmed by it and to know what our own feelings are and what those of others are without mixing them up.'
Tinus Smits

1. ESSENCE: LACK OF PROTECTION; VULNERABILITY and HYPER SENSIBILITY; insufficient protection against outer influences; strong feeling of insecurity; easily disturbed by anything. Sensation to be without skin, naked, vulnerable, experiencing the outer world as threatening. Energies enter too strongly. Outside events are felt too intensely, there is oversensitivity to everything

2. FEELING OF INSECURITY, causing a lot of physical and emotional tension; difficult making contact with other people, loses energy and feels disoriented in crowded places

3. HYPERSENSITIVE to noise, odors, wind and touch, all kind off signals

4. FULLNESS OF HEAD; cannot stop worrying, thinking, busy head.

, not centered, the center is in the outer world.

6. TOO STRONG INVOLVEMENT with the sufferings and problems of other people, with the world in general. Cannot take sufficient distance. Sympathetic; Meddlesome.

7. UNAWARE OF SELF, feeling of having lost self; not in contact with Self

8.FEELING OF NOT BEING PROTECTED SUFFICIENTLY, lot of anxieties; the outer world is full of danger; feeling of frailty; tendency to protect himself by avoiding company, staying home, seeking for tranquility and rest; wants to go home after a few days when on holiday

9. FEAR in the dark

10. UNAWARE OF HIS OWN BOUNDARIES; feels unprotected, porous; everything enters directly to strongly, sound, odors, energy and feelings of other people; worried by the problems of others


does not know what he wants

13. FEELING OF GUILT, especially because of the feeling that not enough is done for other people. Cannot refuse anything

14. SLEEPLESSNESS; difficulty to catch sleep because of too many impressions, energies of others during the day

15. WEARINESS; not able to keep ones energy in good condition; the energy leaks away and is polluted by disharmonious energies

16. OVER REACTION; easily misjudging a situation


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