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Why Water Dosing Is Effective in Chronic Disease

Case Management and Water Dosing

What About A Remedy Aggravation?

Why Succussions?

My Prescribing Method
How To Dose An Acute Homeopathic Remedy In Water

Why Water Dosing Is Effective in Chronic Diseases
I have seen water dosing bring gentle, steady results very effectively time and time again, in both acute and chronic cases.
  I have used water dosing exclusively both a user of homeopathy personally for many years, on my extended family and friends circle, and in my own full time classical homeopathy private practice.  I have experienced it as a beautiful solution in complex chronic cases (like autism) and all those cases with pathology, or cases that have been harmed by allopathic suppression, vaccinations and/or those have significant gut dysbiosis or any autoimmune related diseases.  These types of cases often do not have the Vital Force (VF) strength to handle dry potencies, making water dosing essential to their long term gentle recovery and success.

This is why I use advanced water dosing exclusively.  The speed of recovery, the ability to adapt the dose to the individual case - both in acute and chronic care - is significantly improved with water dosing.  I follow the 5th Organon method for dosing split dose C potencies in water and the 6th Organon method for dosing LM potencies in water.  Both methods are described in detail in Hahnemann's Organon.

Case Management and Water Dosing
Some homeopaths prefer dry dosing because in practice, the water dosing methods will of course take more case management time by the homeopath - sometimes on a daily basis. During a test dose period on a new remedy, in my practice, I stay in close contact during the first seven (7) days  for each client.  Until the remedy response has been established, I stay in touch weekly.  Then a minimum of once monthly as long as improvements are noted in the case.  The water dosing method requires an effective written communication relationship with a homeopath.  It also requires a convenient system of set test dose and follow up questions to be answered for each case, in order to do so efficiently.

What About A Remedy Aggravation?
By true definition, there is always a hopefully barely noticeable aggravation on any remedy because the Vital Force (VF) must have a secondary reaction to the primary action of the homeopathic medicine - even in water dosing. But the central idea in the water dosing method is that it be so mild that it is under the radar of discomfort, and that any mental/emotional or physical aggravations are very tolerable. Then. as the remedy acts, the improvements from the dosing are steady and will build up over time with each the increasing succussions.  In this way, each subsequent dose helps the VF move gently forward to heal within.

Why Succussions?
Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy in the 5th/6th edition of the Organon teaches very specifically that the remedy MUST be altered, that we must not repeat the same dose, in the same potency more than one time.  He teaches that it is dangerous to do so and jeopardizes the success of the case.  The simplest way to change the potency of a remedy dose in water  is by making succussions to the remedy supply bottle.  A succussion is simply a hard WHACK to the remedy bottle prior to dosing, from a distance of about 2 feet onto a leather bound book or the palm of the hand. In my practice, four (4) succussions are the standard I prefer and use.  Succussions are done to the remedy bottle before all doses after the first one.  Succussions will slightly increase the remedy's potency and result in a more rapid, gentle recovery.

My Prescribing Method
The simillimum that cures a case is not just the right remedy, but also the right potency and the right dose - given at the right dosing schedule.  This is essentially why the journey to recovery with homeopathy can be so complicated!  The curative remedy I believe must reflect the miasm that is also observable in a person's facial features.  I  am trained in the Homeopathic Facial Analysis method which is one of several case analysis methods I use per case to help me accurately determine the active miasm for each chronic case.

I use the analogy in my practice that a good homeopath is like a "personal fitness coach" - one who starts each client on their own unique plan, starting with lighter weights (water dosing), slowly increasing repetitions (succussions prior to the dose), on a manageable workout schedule (repeating dosing when it's needed, not too soon.) So that slowly and steadily over time, we sculpt the "muscle" (the Vital Force) into a healthy, strong champion....and this means recovery from disease!

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