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MRT® - Mediator Release Testing Testing For Food Intolerances

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MRT® - Mediator Release Testing For Food Intolerances

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  • Dairy is typically very problematic - including kefir though not tested and other fermented foods in SIBO.

  • Usually problems with grains and dairy – regardless of test talk out

  • Intolerances will not show up.

  • Temporary removals of these foods it will get the immune system to calm down

  • If still consuming those foods, it will make things steadily difficult and worse.

  • You must do  Leap Diet as recommended to remove those that provoke this response and heal the gut

  • Green foods can be consumed

  • 6 months for red (reactive) foods

  • 3 months for yellow (moderate reaction foods)

  • You must do  Leap Diet as recommended to remove those that provoke this response and heal the gut

  • You will reintroduce yellow one at a time after 3 months.

  • Then red foods, one at a time after 6 months.

  • Non GMO foods and raw foods are the ones tested in MRT.

  • Each test is like a finger print – each person is unique!

Information On MRT® - Mediator Release Testing  For Food Intolerances

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