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Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flowers are gentle form of energy medicine. Like homeopathy, they can resolve acute and chronic issues.
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Dosing of Bach Flower Remedies
If you are under chronic care, we recommend that you dose a Bach Flower remedy after consulting with your Homeopath.
Read more about dosing Bach Flower Remedies

About Bach Flowers

  • Dr. Edward Bach was a British medical doctor and a Homeopath who understood that disease is the end product of a physical manifestation toward mental stress. After research in immunology, he studied homeopathy and joined the laboratories of the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital in 1919. There he developed seven bacterial nosodes. Following this, Dr. Bach then began to look to nature to find healing flowers. Over a period of years, Dr. Bach found 38 healing flowers and plants that with the right preparation became the 38 Bach Flower Remedies®.

  • Bach Flower Essences  are made 100% naturally from spring water infused with wild flowers, either by the sun-steeped method or by boiling. The Remedies are hand produced exclusively in England. They contain 27% grape based brandy as a preservative.

  • Bach Flower Essences work on the mental and emotional plane.  They are a safe and natural and help to gently restore the balance between mind and body by casting out negative emotions which interfere with the equilibrium of the being as a whole.

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Bach Flower essences are compatible with homeopathic remedies.  The following are the 38 Bach Flower remedies according to what types of basic they impact.

About Rescue Remedy:

The only combination remedy manufacture, chosen by Dr. Bach himself.  For people who find themselves in emergency stress situations, sudden shock, fright, anxiety, fear, high stress situations. It includes these 5 Bach Flowers: Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem. 

Rescue Remedy will comfort, reassure and calm those who have received serious news, severe upset or startling experiences - who are consequently falling into a numbed, bemused state of mind. Rescue Remedy can also be used just before bed to calm a troubled mind or before any stressful situation such as exams, doctor or dentist visits and public speaking.

  1. Agrimony: Those who hide worries behind a brave face.

    • This helps those who appear carefree and humorous but actually hide behind a mask to hide their anxieties, worries and inner pain and fears.

    • They dislike being alone and are very sociable, seeking company as a distraction.

    • Agrimony helps them express their pain, fears and worries; then their cheerfulness will come from within, instead of the person covering up pain and worries.

  2. Aspen: Apprehension for no known reason.

    • This helps those who feel fears and worries of unknown origin.

    • Fears or worries come suddenly without any specific reason.

    • A typical need for Aspen is on waking in fear from a bad dream, even if the dream itself is forgotten.

    • Aspen helps one to a inner peace, security and fearlessness.

  3. Beech: Critical and intolerant of others, unable and unwilling to make allowances.

    • This Essence is for those who are constantly making criticisms, intolerant of other people's shortcoming and unable to make allowances.

    • They are easily irritated by other people's mannerisms or habits.

    • They are convinced that they are always in the right and everyone else in the wrong.

    • Beech helps one to be more tolerant and to get a sense of compassion for unity with others, such as co-workers, mother-in-law and noisy neighbors. It helps one to see the good in others despite their imperfections.

  4. Centaury: Weak willed; exploited or imposed upon.

    • This Essence is for those who can't say "no".

    • They let themselves be imposed on and even bullied by others.

    • Centaury will help one stay in touch with one's own wishes and be able to express and defend own opinions.

  5. Cerato: Those who doubt their own judgment, seek confirmation of others.

    • This helps when a person has a hard time making decisions.

    • When one has to make a decision; such as, where to live, what to wear or where to go.

    • It helps when a person tends to seek advice and confirmations from others, not listening to their own intuition.

    • One might often follow others advises and later regret is, since they actually knew that it wouldn't be what they wanted.

    • Cerato helps one listening to one's own wisdom and follow it.

  6. Cherry Plum: Uncontrolled, irrational thoughts.

    • This helps when a person is on the verge of breakdown, possible suicide.

    • The person feels in such despair that one feel that one are losing their sanity.

  7. Chestnut Bud: Refuses to learn by experience - continually repeats same mistakes.

    • This helps when a person keeps doing the same mistake over and over again, but they don't seem to learn.

    • It is also helpful for those who have hard time learning.

    • Chestnut Bud helps one to take full advantage of daily experiences and learn from them.

  8. Chicory: Over possessive (self centered), clinging and over protective especially of loved ones.

    • Helps a person at times where they get too selfishly possessive, tend to manipulate parents, siblings and/or friends.

    • Chicory helps one be less selfish and demanding.

  9. Clematis: Inattentive, dreamy, absent-minded, metal escapism.

    • This helps when a person loses interest in the present.

    • When a person stares out in the air with an inner fantasy world.

    • Clematis helps a person get a lively interest in the world and the present.

  10. Crab Apple: The "Cleanser".  Self disgust or detestation.

    • This helps when a person feels self-disgust or believes that something is wrong about themselves.

    • Crab Apple it the cleansing essence for mind and body.

    • This Essence is needed when a person is too critical about themselves physical appearance.

    • Crab Apple helps one look at oneself without critique.

  11. Elm: Overwhelmed by responsibility.

    • This helps when one feels overwhelmed by responsibilities.

    • It can be at work, at home or when one think about responsibilities as a mother.

    • This helps when person feels that everything is over their head.

    • Elm helps a person calm down and think rationally; take one step at the time and before they know it, they will feel that everything is under control again.

  12. Gentian: Despondency.

    • This helps when a person feels discouraged and despondent with life, work, homework, etc. or one get easily discouraged and depressed when things go wrong or faced with difficulties.

    • Gentian helps a person realize that there is no such thing as failure when you are doing your best, no matter what the result.

    • This helps a person feels no obstacle seems too great, and no task too daunting to undertake.

  13. Gorse: Pessimism.

    • This helps when a person feels hopelessness and despair.

    • Gorse helps one get a sense of faith and hope, despite current problems.

  14. Heather: Talkative - obsessed with own troubles and experiences.

    • This helps at times where helps a person is too self-preoccupied, may feel lonely and have few friends.

    • Heather helps one focus and empathize with others.

  15. Holly: Hatred, envy, jealousy, suspicion.

    • This helps when a person feels jealousy, envy, suspicion and hatred.

    • In children, these feelings often come when introduced to a new sibling.

    • Holly helps us feel compassion, love and inner harmony.

  16. Honeysuckle: Living in the past, nostalgic.  Homesickness.

    • This helps a person move forward when over-attached to past memories.

    • A person may feel drawn to things that happened in the past.

    • Honeysuckle helps one move forward and to live in the present.

  17. Hornbeam: "Monday morning feeling" - procrastination.

    • This helps when a person has the "Monday morning feeling" all week.

    • The weariness is rather mental than physical and it is difficult to face the day's work.

  18. Impatiens: Impatience, irritability.

    • This helps when a person gets impatient and irritated.

    • When one is quick in speed and may run instead of walking.

    • Impatiens helps one relax and slow down.

  19. Larch: Lack of self-confidence, feels inferior.

    • This helps when a person is feeling lack self-confidence and self esteem.

    • When one doubts their abilities and therefore does not even try.

    • Larch helps to regain a realistic sense of self esteem and confidence, unworried about failure or success.

  20. Mimulus: Fear of known things. Shyness, timidity.

    • This helps when a person has fear of known things, such as, fear of spiders, fear of being alone, fear of the dark.

    • They might also be shy, and have separation anxiety, us might even be blushing and stammering.

    • Mimulus helps one to regain courage to face trails and difficulties with humor and confidence.

    • The person will be able to stand up for themselves, and with the emotions under control can enjoy life without fear.

  21. Mustard: Dark cloud that descends, making one saddened and low for no known reason.

    • This helps when a person gets depressed without any reason.

    • They can't explain why and it feels like a black cloud suddenly appears without reason.

    • Suddenly for no reason the cloud disappear and one feels cheerful again and life suddenly feels full of hope again.

    • Mustard helps to lift the cloud so that one can enjoy life in all aspects.

  22. Oak: Normally strong, courageous, but no longer able to struggle bravely against illness and/or adversity.

    • This helps when one is exhausted but keeps struggling on.

    • The person is normally strong and brave.

    • Oak helps to restore energy and makes one recognize the need to take time off to relax and look after itself.

  23. Olive: Fatigued, drained of energy.

    • This helps when a person feels utterly tired both mentally and physically.

    • Olive restores strength, vitality and energy.

  24. Pine: Guilt complex, blames self even for the mistakes of others.

    • This helps when a person feels guilt and self-reproach.

    • They may blame itself for other people's mistakes and everything that goes wrong.

    • Pine helps one regain energy, vitality and pleasure.

  25. Red Chestnut: Obsessed by care and concern for others.

    • This helps when a person worries about the health of other family members or close friends.

    • The worry is usually blown out of proportions and un-necessary.

  26. Rock Rose: Suddenly alarmed, scared, panicky.

    • This helps when a person feels terror, such as after being in an accident or having a near escape, or from witnessing an accident.

    • The fear gives them a sense of frozen fear and helplessness.

  27. Rock Water: Rigid minded, self denying.

    • This helps when one is over-conscientious and set too high standards for oneself.

  28. Scleranthus: Uncertainty, indecision, vacillation.

    • This helps when a person feels uncertain.

    • It helps us decide between two possibilities.

  29. Star of Bethlehem: For all the effects of serious news or fright following an accident, etc.

    • This helps when a person has been through a traumatic experience both during and after.

  30. Sweet Chestnut: Utter rejection, bleak outlook.

    • This helps when a person feels hopeless despair.

    • It helps us feels a intense sorrow and feel almost destroyed by it.

  31. Vervain: Over-enthusiasm - fanatical beliefs.

    • This helps at times that we get over-enthusiastic and running "wild".

    • Vervain helps one to relax both mentally and physically.

  32. Vine: Dominating, inflexible, tyrannical, autocratic, arrogant.

    • This helps when a person gets too dominating and inflexible.

    • Vine helps one see the good in others without bulling them.

  33. Walnut: Assists in adjustment to transition or change, such as puberty, menopause, divorce, new surroundings, etc.

    • This helps a person to go through changes, such as moving, change of a school or through a separation or divorce.

    • Walnut helps one go through transitions calmly.

    • It's a great protection against negative energy from other people.

  34. Water Violet: Proud, reserved, enjoys being alone.

    • This helps those who are private and sedate; they are mostly knowledgeable, calm and capable.

    • They are often lonely, because they keep a distance to others and seem unreachable.

  35. White Chestnut: Persistent, unwanted thoughts.

    • This helps when a person's mind is full of unwanted thoughts and mental worries. These mental arguments can often keep them from sleeping at night.

    • White Chestnut helps a person clear their mind and get the thinking under control

    • Things can be put to positive one in problem-solving.

    • Worry is replaced by a positive outcome.

  36. Wild Oat: Helps determine one's intended path in life.

    • This helps when a person feels uncertain as to which direction to take in life, such as, choosing an career, etc.

    • When one has reached a cross-road in life and they are completely undecided as to what way to go.

    • Wild Oat helps one get a clear picture of what to do in life, with positive idea and ambitions, and the ability to decide upon one's true path.

  37. Wild Rose: Resignation, apathy.

    • This helps when a person is resigned to an unpleasant situation, but feels to apathetic to do anything.

    • Wild Rose helps one regain a lively interest in life and therefore helps them to find a purpose in life.

  38. Willow: Resentment, embitterment, 'poor old me'!

    • This helps at times where a person feels bitterness and self-pity.

    • The person grumbles and is critical. The ask questions like: "Why does this happen to me?" or say "I don't deserve this."

    • Willow helps one regain faith and optimism.

    • It helps one be able to forgive and forget past injustices and enjoy life.

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