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Cancer Treatment and Homeopathy

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Cancer Treatment and Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies will support a person with cancer and the symptoms that result from cancer treatments. Contact us to learn more!

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Book about healing from cancer by Andreas Mortiz:
"Cancer is Not a Disease, It is a Survival Mechanism"

Cancer Treatment with Homeopathic Care
Cancer is Not a Disease, It Is A Survival Mechanism
Cancer and Toxicity
Key Steps In Treating and Surviving Cancer

"Cancer is Not a Disease, It is a Survival Mechanism"

Videos To Watch:
Testimonial About Homeopathy for Cancer Cure
Ramakrishnan Approach to Cancer: The Plussing Method
The Story Behind A 92.3% Cancer Cure Rate
Criminal Cancer Foundations Commit Massive Fraud Vitamin D and Breast Cancer Research
Cancer is Not a Disease - Leslie Carol Botha Interviews Andreas Moritz
Cancer Is Not a Disease - Dr. Julian Whitaker interviews Andreas Moritz
Cancer is Not a Disease - Interview with Paul Nison &Andreas Mortiz

Cancer Treatment with Homeopathic Care

  • God has designed our bodies to heal and regenerate.  If you believe this is true, than supporting a natural cures makes complete sense on a spiritual, physical and emotional plane.  You are your own healer and only you can cure your cancer, from within.

  • In Homeopathic remedies, we believe all cancers are healable - naturally. Interventions of drugs or surgery will only complicate the toxicity of the body. More people die from cancer treatments than are cured.  All "approved" western medical treatments are palliative -  not curative - and all such treatments are toxic to the body, including chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. There are many documented cancer cures without any western, medical interventions at all stages, and all types of cancer. 

  • Cancer can have purpose in the life of the person who has it, it is an organic disease that comes from within them, their lifestyle, genetics, emotions, life path - it is not some that comes out of now where to harm them.  It is a disease from within, that has to be cured from within.

  • If your want a better chance at survival, to start first, today, with look at the videos about the Liver and Gallbladder Flush and how to do it.  A clean, healthy liver is essential to long term health and detoxification. 

  • Also watch the videos above on the concept of Cancer Is Not A Disease with Andreas Moritz.  He treated thousands of cancer cases and he started them all with the liver flush. Millions of people have done successful liver flushes, including myself and many chronic care clients to date.

  • Google "Dr. Leonard Coldwell" to see more of his cancer cure videos. 

"Cancer is Not a Disease, But a Survival Mechanism"
Listen to how he talks about cancer is not a disease, but a survival mechanism. Is this type of thinking that makes someone a survivor! A wonderful, inspiring, spiritual book to buy and read now is "Cancer Is Not a Disease...It's a Survival Mechanism " by Andrea's Moritz.

Cancer and Toxicity
Cancer is the result of toxicity in the body and it's a protection. Amazingly, when you understand cancer is not a disease but a protective mechanism, that shifts everything! Away goes the fear, away goes the grief in comes the idea that cancer is "your friend" and that by detoxing your body it doesn't have to work so hard. 

Key Steps In Treating and Surviving Cancer

These are key steps that we recommend for a  person diagnosed with cancer:

  1. Homeopathy Is Essential

  • Homeopathic remedy support-essential. Homeopathy works on the mental spiritual as well as the physical plane. The disturbance that caused the stress was the beginning of the cancer and your friend's body issue really began in the mind. 

  • Emotional triggers will have occurred prior to cancer forming.  There has to be some grief, a mortification, a fear, a fright, some form of shock - something that "happened".  It could've happened dozens of years ago or longer - or in the past 2 to 3 years. It would've been a period of prolonged stress on her. Resulting in a prolonged high level of cortisol -  the stress hormone.

  • The remedy used in Homeopathy has to match the essence of that event in order to permanently pull down the cortisol. This is how Homeopathy heals. Because it supports the body detox functions by turning off the stress hormone using remedy that matches the nature of that stress, and the body begins to heal and balance itself. 

  • But if people choose to remain with stressful situations or around  stressful attitudes, they don't sleep at the right time, they don't exercise, they don't drink enough water, they don't eat healthy foods, then they are contributing to the same issues that make them not ABLE to recover. Homeopathy can cure cancer and other advanced chronic diseases. But these other things can speed up the whole healing process, that's why I also do supplementation and liver flushes and other things I think there important to heal faster, feel more hope, get the speed going for a more rapid recovery, and new hope!

  1. Spiritual Support
    A spiritual practice is very important in times of chronic disease.  This means spiritual music, prayer, meditation, yoga, friends, reduced stress, faith, breathing - being in nature, bringing joy up into the person's life. It means reducing stress and grief by looking with gratitude and all the blessings a person has, feeling alive, not frightened of the diagnosis which is hundred percent curable!  We can only feel one emotion at one time. When we're scared every cell of the body is scared. When we feel joy every cell of  the body feels joy -  more anxious or sad every cell of the body feels that. So the more we can we can do that, the better we will heal. We can trust that God would design the perfect body that could heal itself, cancer certainly is no exception! 

  2. Hydrate your body to reduce toxicity and keep stools moving through the colon:
    Drink half your weight in water as ounces, per day.  That is your daily minimum.

  3. Eat 1/2 tsp of sea salt daily, every day. 
    Learn more about the benefits of salt here.

  4. Sunlight and Vitamin D
    Supplement with a minimum 5,000 IU's of Vitamin D per day if you can't get sun every day.  If you can, get a minimum of 30 minutes sun li
    ght, no sunscreen, no sunglasses on between 10 AM and 2 PM every day. Read this book “Heal Yourself With Sunlight” by Andreas Mortiz.

  5. Sleep at the right time!
    Go to bed by 10 PM every single night. The liver detox channel works from 10 PM to 2 AM. For every hour that you're not sleeping after 10 PM, you lose 40% of your liver detox function!

  6. Don't Eat Dairy
    Don't eat any dairy for the first 120 days. Then keep very it low, if any. Dairy is mucus. Mucus loves to wrap and hold bacteria and other toxins throughout the body. Most dairy is also filled with hormones and antibiotics unless it is organic.

  7. Avoid Eating Red Meat
    Don't eat any meat protein for the first 120 days. Then keep very it low, if any.  We only digest just 20% of the protein that we eat, this means the rest of it rots in the gut causing inflammation and toxicity in the body because it can't be fully digested. We don't make enough hydrochloric acid in the stomach to digest more than 20% of it. In a toxic state, bodies are filled with acids. That's what toxicity is, acids, toxins, that cause inflammation globally, requiring tumors to form to hold them - as the body can't get rid of them!

  8. Eat Living, Organic, Unprocessed Foods
    Eat living foods, especially fruit. Fruit is high alkaline, it is a detox food, and changes the body to an alkaline state. Living foods are quick sources of energy that allow the body energy to detox.

  9. Exercise Daily To Move Your Lymph
    Exercise every day gently for at least two sessions of half an hour morning and afternoon. The lymph system is what holds the toxins, 80% of the fluid in the body is lymph. We have 100,000 lymph nodes. When you have cancer, all of them are working on removing toxins. In order to move the lymph you have to move the body! Lymph is a low flow, slow cleansing fluid that can only be moved by contraction of the muscles or the skeleton. No exercise, no movement of lymph. In terms of toxins, remember this, "you've got to move it to lose it".  Body massage is also important, along with yoga, walks in nature, things that calm your mind, move your body and inspire your spirit.

  10. Reduce Your Fear
    The minute you get a diagnosis, the doctor scare the heck out of you!!!! The fright creates more advancement of the cancerous tumor, because it is the ***CHRONIC STRESS**** in the first place that raised the cortisol, which lowers the oxygen to all cells. Resulting in the body needing to come to the aid with cells that did not require oxygen - cancer cells - and cancer cells need 15 times more sugar than any other so, which is why people crave sweets and sugars in times of stress. At the same time, the increasing cortisol, from stress, results in less bile available to digest food. That means inflammation in the colon from undigested food in the body and the lymph having to wrap and hold those toxins - while inflammation goes throughout the body via lymph, and forms tiny then larger tumors to contain those toxins...until the stress is stopped. 

  11. Do A Series Liver Flushes
    he liver flush-absolutely essential. This needs to be started as soon as possible. By dumping the toxic liver gallstones into the toilet, the person will produce more bile, they'll have more energy, and they will have removed a huge burden of toxicity right there and flushed it away. Literally! Liver flashes proceed once per month until the liver is perfectly clean. This takes at least six months sometimes a year at one per month. When your liver is clean it's impossible to have cancer anywhere, well the liver is getting healthier and stronger, the lymph system is also cooperating and the tumors are dissolving.

  12. Never Vaccinate
    It is a known fact that vaccinations fuel cancer.  Vaccines contain countless toxins that add to the toxic burden of an already stressed out body.  Watch and learn more here about vaccine dangers.

  13. Trust in Your Own Body's Healing as Designed by God
    Cancer patients have a 40% chance of survival if they do nothing allopathic or with western medicine.  A million people a year die from cancer "treatments". There is only a 1 to 2% chance of survival if you do something that western medical doctor suggest, and the only legal suggestions you have in that area are chemo, radiation or surgery.  Not very good odds!  All will weaken the immune system and add further toxins to an already overburdened body.   Drugs can’t cure cancer, but they can certain fuel it. 

  14. Know that 80% of all tumors will dissolve themselves!
    40% of all autopsies had tumors in people that didn't kill them. We are all making tumors - and then dissolving him, the time.

Criminal Cancer Foundations Commit Massive Fraud by Dr. Leonard Coldwell
(7:39 minutes)

The Story Behind A 92.3% Cancer Cure Rate by Dr. Leonard Coldwell
(7:50 minutes)


Watch Testimonial About Homeopathy for Cancer Cure
(11 minutes)

The Ramakrishnan Approach to Cancer: The Plussing Method
(6:23 minutes)


Vitamin D and Breast Cancer Research by Dr. David Feldman, Stanford University Researcher
(20 minutes)


Cancer is Not a Disease! - Leslie Carol Botha Interviews Andreas Moritz
(52 minutes)

Cancer Is Not a Disease - Dr Julian Whitaker interviews Andreas Moritz
(32 minutes)


Cancer is Not a Disease - It Is a Survival Mechanism: Interview with Paul Nison and Andreas Mortiz
(53 minutes)

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