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Detoxification With Homeopathy

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Homeopathy for Women

Detoxification With Homeopathy

Homeopathy is always about individual healing.
Homeopathy gently detoxifies the body and provides for natural healing of both body and mind!
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The Basic Principles of Homeopathy For Detoxification

  • The toxins HAVE to leave the body through detoxification channels.  They don’t disappear into nothing.  You will have to see “proof” of exit just like you see “proof” of improvements.  Expect this.

  • As the energy of the body increases with homeopathic medicine, the exit of held toxins activates. 

  • The body in its intelligence will do the most important things first, but that can involve many exit pathways.

  • Remedies stimulate a rebalancing cycle and energy which means removing sub-acute infections like streptococcal infections, EBV, Lyme, bacteria, viruses, pathogens, chemicals, heavy metals, past antibiotics, drugs, etc. and all organs are involved. 

  • The rebalancing process is a GLOBAL process.

  • In the process, pass suppression is lifted - sometimes dramatically.

What Are The Types of Toxins?

Toxins is a general term given to accumulated waste products. These can generally be divided into three distinct groups:

  1. Exogenous wastes - such as those ingested, like chemical wastes derived from foods or drug therapy etc. or inhaled.
  2. Endogenous wastes - such as those produced by bacteria, viruses or the body’s reaction to them, such as pus, etcor those produced by normal metabolism.

  3. Autogenous wastes - these relate to an individual’s genetic or miasmatic potential for generating particular kinds of wastes that have an affinity for particular varieties of tissue, such as can be seen in situations such as arthritis.

Gentle Detoxification and Recovery With Homeopathy
A gentle recovery requires the correct remedy – and the correct potency and dose – not too high/not too low potency and dose, and this is why I prefer water dosing because you can stop the stimulation if you need to, if aggravation signs are too intense.

If you have done dry dosing, then the remedy energy has to essentially wear off before being stimulated again. It can be interrupted but not technically not “antidoted”.

Your Homeopath is the only person who can guide on what this means in your daughter’s case but you should know in advance to some degree what to expect in the healing cycle when you give your dose so you are aware of what to look for!  Return of OLD symptoms (ROS) is positive, but that does not mean they won’t be too intense if the remedy dosing is not appropriate for her case.

Detox Channels and Homeopathy

I advise my clients to watch the specifics of their case along with these general mechanisms, because it all translates into “movement of toxins” in the case:

  • Dreams, nightmares, night terrors

  • Mood

  • Intellectual shifts

  • Behavioral shifts

  • Sleep pattern and sleep quality

  • Overall energy

  • Skin rashes anywhere

  • Mucus - any discharge anywhere especially nose, sinus, lungs and vaginally in females)

  • Lymph system involvement joint pain, aches, inflammation, etc.

  • Urine – volume, color, odor, etc

  • Stool – type, volume, color, odor, etc.

  • Perspiration – volume, odor, etc.

  • Menstrual cycles in women

These above are the exit pathways the body has to use in order to heal and exit toxins that have accumulated.  Some movement is dramatic, other times it can be slow and steady. 

It always depends on the nature of the remedy as some are faster acting, deeper acting or slower acting that others and there a distinct remedy relationships between them, dosing, potency and the person. 

Nothing can be the same from case to case and this is what makes homeopathy difficult to practice, and understand with simplicity as everyone is unique in their healing potential and their pathway to recovery.

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