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Drug Detox Of Valtrex With Homeopathy in A Woman, Age 43
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"In 2010, after a lengthy summer of major fatigue, I came down with fever, chills and excruciating left jaw pain.  In August 2010, I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia.  Nothing seemed to help.  A couple of months later, to combat a potential viral etiology, Valtrex was prescribed.  And worked wonders.  My ears popped and leaked fluid for a week, taking the horrific pain and accompanying facial numbness with it.

Since 2010, anytime my left jaw ached, I'd pop a Valtrex.  By 2014, I'd developed episodes of tortuous sore throats, usually following a prolonged period of stress.  The raw, burning, and throbbing sensations struck suddenly and responded to nothing.  Out of desperation, I tried Valtrex.  This worked.  As viral infections seemed to invade my body more and more, my devotion to Valtrex grew. 

In April 2018, Kari took our autistic son as a client.  His rehabilitation is nothing short of miraculous.  She also graciously took me as a client, transforming my health through birth control, Botox, and antibiotic clearings.  She wisely recommended we clear Valtrex as I'd used it in such a consistent and suppressive manner.  Considering the life-changing progress I'd experienced under her care, I assumed this rebalancing cycle would elicit only minor aggravations.  Actually, it opened up such a Pandora's box that it took longer to complete than any other!

The most unexpected aspect of this rebalancing cycle was the torrent of unleashed memories - the good, the bad, and the ugly.  The ugly varied from battling a lengthy case of chicken pox at age 5, traumatic wisdom teeth removal at age 18, and the prolonged summer saga of 2010 when age 29.  Many happy memories also returned, some long forgotten.  Remembrances consisted of vivid mental images appearing sometimes in flashes and, at other times, as lengthy daydreams.  Nighttime dreams presented specific recollections of the past, primarily work experiences.  And, insomnia returned.  I'd struggled with this since 2003.  This vacillated from inability to fall asleep to crashing into bed and waking from 10pm-3am.  

Physically, I anticipated throbbing left jaw pain and intensely sore throats.  The jaw pain returned, yet quite infrequently.  Only a sporadic sore and swollen throat occurred.  My ears popped regularly, and, often drainage oozed from the right ear.  I craved coffee like never before.  

Water retention and inflammatory weight gain proved the most significant return of symptoms.  From 2006-2010, I worked out an average of 10 hours per week and ate a very restrictive diet.  Weight loss always evaded; instead, 1/2 pound weight gains added up over the years.  This recurred in 2014.  Under Kari's care since 2018, I have been in better physical health and weighed my lowest in years - without crazed diets or maniacally working out.  However, during this rebalancing cycle, my weight fluctuated regularly and wildly.  I experienced much bloat and inflammation.  Three weeks after completing this rebalancing cycle, it all went away.  The scale dropped significantly day by day.  Following the supplement schedule and dietary recommendations from the HTMA hair test undoubtedly played a huge role. 

According to my HTMA hair test results, I've a Slow 1 metabolism which is prone to viral infections.  No wonder I relied on the anti-viral Valtrex for so many ailments!

Gastrointestinal discomfort, reflux, liver and gallbladder pain, an annoying left eye twitch, fatigue, some pounding headaches, urinary and kidney issues, and random episodes of a cold sweat with dizziness occurred on this rebalancing cycle.  All previously experienced return of symptoms.  Valtrex's side effect of sunlight sensitivity struck for two weeks.  As each symptom returned - and passed - it felt as though layers of long-term damage permanently peeled away.  This rebalancing cycle experience was quite cleansing - mentally, emotionally, and physically - yet, in a gentle and gradual manner.  

At the conclusion of this rebalancing cycle, my husband and I had our insurance-mandated wellness screenings performed.  We have both been on Trace Minerals and the dietary guidelines recommended through the hair tests for approximately one year.  Our cholesterol, glucose, and blood pressure readings were much improved!  Todd's blood pressure was considerably lower, and my cholesterol was down 20 points.  

Homeopathy For Women has blessed our lives.  We prayed for guidance for our son's healing for years.  Answered prayers led us to Kari. We are finally meeting our 7 year old son as he breaks free from autism's suffocating stronghold. My husband feels better than he has in years.  I'm nearing 38 but feel 16.  We were coping; now, we are truly living.  We thank God for Kari, her practice, and the truly immeasurable gift of health."

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