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Eczema In Infant - Recovery Story With Homeopathy

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Eczema In Infant Recovery Story With Homeopathy!

Homeopathic remedies can help a person with the symptoms of acute or chronic eczema. Contact us to learn more!

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Our Eczema Recovery Journey With Homeopathy
Written by the mother of an infant boy with severe eczema and constipation, starting at 6 months.
November 2019.


Baby Aiden Before Homeopathy
Constant inflamed, itching and red skin every day.

Baby Aiden After Homeopathic Care and Detox
Now smooth, clear, perfect skin!

"When my son was born in August of 2018, I was a healthy, normal 33 year old female... or so I thought. Prior to getting pregnant, I was on oral birth control for 12 years, took over-the-counter and prescription medications (including lots of antibiotics), and I received all three doses of the Gardasil vaccine. When I was 26, shortly after receiving the vaccine, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease affecting the thyroid called Hashimoto's. Basically, my thyroid stopped working. I never thought my thyroid dysfunction had anything to do with what I was putting into my body.

When my son was about 6 months old he stopped having regular bowel movements. I took him to our pediatrician and was told this was normal for breastfed babies. So, I wasn't concerned until two months later. That was when Aiden got severe eczema. His skin turned red, hot, angry, and itchy. At this point, he was pooping every 8 days and when he did poop he was crying in pain and his stool was bloody. The pediatrician reassured me that again "this is normal" and Aiden was likely allergic to nuts; he told me to continue eating nuts in the hopes Aiden would become immune through breast milk. The doctor told me to apply Aquaphor as much as possible and to use prescription steroid cream when the flare ups were bad. So that's what I did for a few days. 

Aiden's rash got worse with the steroid cream and the doctor's answer didn't sit right with me in my heart. I started to do my research. I was NOT going to sit back and watch my son itch himself until he bled or listen to him cry during the night because he was in so much pain. And I was NOT going to continue eating nuts if he was having a reaction to them. 

I did some research on what the holistic community's view on eczema is and learned that Aiden's body was trying to get rid of toxins/heavy metals via the skin. The skin is one of the body's channels for detoxing. To my dismay, I learned that babies born in today's society are born with loads of toxins that are passed to them through the placenta. I always thought babies were born with pure, clean slated organs. I learned that is not true.   

I found a woman on Facebook sharing about how she was doing a heavy metal rebalancing cycle on her son with Homeopathy For Women,  based in California. I reached out to this woman and learned about her story and asked some questions about Kari. Then, I reached out to Kari and inquired about her treatment plans and programs. 

At first, I was hesitant because we are not located in the same city as Kari and this would be an out of pocket expense and what if it didn't even work? My husband was hesitant about homeopathic medicine in general. But, I knew in my gut I had to try. I had to do something to help my baby. We signed up with Kari and I have not looked back since!!!

We got started by getting a hair mineral test analysis (HTMA) done and the results were shocking. Aiden had toxic levels of copper and aluminum in his system, which he had inherited from me via the placenta. We learned that I also had toxic levels of copper (from long term birth control use) and aluminum (from my past Gardasil vaccine). Our Homeopathic Practitioner ook the time to explain everything to me: how the body works, minerals that we need, how organs detox, what homeopathic medicine is, and so much more. She also explained how pooping every 8 days is NOT normal. This was a clear sign that Aiden's organs were not working. He was really suffering and his skin was the symptom that alerted me to take action.

We started  on a remedy and within 30 days we saw improvement. Aiden started pooping daily, his mood and emotional nature improved, he was sleeping better at night, and his skin was SLOWLY improving. Kari explained that the skin rashes would be the last thing to clear up, which was true. It took five months for Aiden's body to detox the bulk of the heavy metals. It was a long and sometimes frustrating journey because whenever he was teething, the rashes would flare up.

Kari was there and available the entire way. She is a wealth of knowledge and a great coach. It is very evident that she loves what she does and wants to see people and kids happy and healthy. She is extremely responsive, reliable, and available.  

After 6 months on the prescribed homeopathic remedies, Aiden's skin is almost entirely clear! One of the greatest joys is that he will not suffer from severe eczema for the rest of his life and he does not have to live life with a nut allergy! I am beyond grateful that I followed my gut to work with her and she has completely changed our lives. I felt so hopeless, heartbroken, totally helpless watching Aiden suffer and having NO solution from my pediatrician. She has taught us so much and I am eternally grateful for the miracle she has given to our family."

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