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Homeopathy for Women

Fever Remedies
Homeopathic remedies can help a person with symptoms of a fever.  Contact us to learn more!

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Types of Fevers
Low Grade Fever up to 101 - 102 F
Moderate Fever 102 - 103F
High Fever 104+ F


Warning on Fevers: Do NOT use acetaminophen or ibuprofen (Tylenol or Motrin). These fever reducers suppress the body's ability to fight off the virus and lower the immune system. You don't want any adverse reaction to be masked by drugs. Bacterial and viral proteins die off at different temperatures. Bacteria die off at below 104 degrees Fahrenheit (usually 100.4 103.1) and viruses at over 104 degrees Fahrenheit, usually 105-105.8. 

A child who is less than 8 weeks old and has a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher should be seen by a physician or Homeopath immediately.

Homeopathic Remedies for Fever

  • Aconite
    A sudden onset of fever, typically after midnight. Comes on after cold wind, chill or rapid temperature shift from high heat to air conditioning in summer. Face is red and feet are hot. Hot face, thirsty and with perspiration. Cheeks alternate between being hot and red and pale. One cheek may be hot and red especially if it is a teething fever. Restless and anxious.

  • Belladonna
    This type of fever can have intense throbbing pains, headache and even violent. Eyes are red and glistering. Skin is red and hot, cheeks are hot but the feet are chilly. Dry heat with chills, little or no thirst.  Person may have a dread of water. A throbbing headache. Fever is also worse at night.

  • Bryonia
    Fever with restlessness.
     The person may and toss about, but is always made worse by motion. There is intense headache, dull, stupefying with a sensation the head would burst at the temples. Sharp pains over the eyes, faintness on rising up, dry mouth and a tongue coated white in the middle. Cold, chilly sensations. Great thirst for large drinks of water at  infrequent intervals. Usually this fever is related to the state of stomach, liver, chest, etc.

  • Chamomilla
    Fever  associated with earaches, diarrhea, and other infections including teething.  Fever is present and the person is very intense, screaming. Children will desire to be carried.

  • Phosphorus
    The mood is cheerful despite the fever and a tremendous thirst for cold drinks persists. Person wants comfort, assurance and company near them.

  • Pulsatilla
    For fever when children are clingy and tearful, mild but needy, and other fever remedies do not fit well.

  • Mercurius  solubilis
    Fever with weariness, prostration and trembling. It is slow, lingering fever, generally a gastric or recurring fever. Profuse salivation, dry throat. Great thirst for cold water.

  • Nux vomica
    The fever is characterized by great heat; the whole body is burning hot. Face is especially red and hot, but the person feels very chilly when uncovering.

  • Rhus toxicodendron
    For catarrhal fever.  Begins weakness of the whole body with desire to lie down, soreness or bruised sensations in the limbs, aching of limbs and bones, great pain in back. Restlessness. Worse while lying still,  better with gentle motion. Fever with issues in the stomach, loss of appetite, refuses for food. Great thirst, dry tongue and mouth.

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