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Gardasil Vaccine Injury Recovery For Teenage Male with Homeopathy

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 Vaccine Injury From Gardasil With Homeopathy:
Story for Teenage Male, Age 17 in 13 Months
Homeopathy will support a person with vaccine injury from Gardasil and other vaccines. 
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Teen Boy's Recovery Story From Gardasil Vaccine Injury

Testimonial written by his mother, Seattle, Washington USA
March 2018

We were at a complete loss when we stumbled upon homeopathy.  My 14 year old son had been injured by the HPV vaccine.  Chorea, cognitive dysfunction, paralyzing anxiety, panic attacks, sensory dysfunction, severe food restriction, dilated pupils, tics, and mutism, where just a few of the symptoms that haunted us daily making school, activities, and family life totally impossible. 

Vaccine injury was not a diagnosis western medicine would proclaim, but our western doctors had no problem diagnosing him with autoimmune encephalitis, immune mediated encephalopathy and Pediatric Acute-Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (PANDAS). Our doctors could not identify a trigger for these diagnoses.  Yet they stated they did not care about triggers; they would just treat the symptoms. 

And treat the symptoms we did long term antibiotics, oral steroids, 9 rounds of IVIG and 6 rounds of IV steroids. 

These medical treatments totaled up to well over $200,000 (thankfully covered by insurance) yet they could not make my son well.  With each new treatment, my son came back to me for a short while, but what felt like healing from the many treatments was unsustainable.  Each treatment just brought the hope of healing and in the end, they all were just a tease as none of them could sustain any long-term gains.  When the doctors ran out new treatment options they sent us to psychiatry. Since they did not have the answers it must all be in my sons head.  They thought he must be mentally ill. 

At his onset, just four days after the vaccine, in 24 hours I witnessed my son go from a totally, normal, functioning teenager to completely dysfunctional.  I knew with absolute certainty that my son was not mentally ill.  But if western medicine had its way, he would have probably been institutionalized. 

Homeopathy was the first treatment to address the neurological inflammation and toxicity caused by the HPV vaccine.  It was amazing to watch the transformation this past year with homeopathic treatment.  Homeopathy was the only form of medicine that recognized the HPV vaccine injury and treated for it.

This past year has not been easy.  In fact, a good portion of the time was as bad as some of our worst days the previous two years.   But what was different was that after each aggravation, I could see my son heal. He would heal a little bit, each day.  The gains were slow at first and not very noticeable but as they accumulated that 10% improvement turned to 20% turned to 50% and today, 13 months since we started homeopathy, my son is 80% healed.  My best early clue that the homeopathy was working was at about 3-4 months into treatment, my sons pupils which had been dilated the past two years about 80% of the time went away completely.  His green eyes returned and those lifeless black saucers disappeared forever. Western medicine treatments could never do that.  As we just had our three year anniversary since his onset, it feels like we have experienced a miracle.  However, it was not a miracle, it was homeopathy and it has the potential to heal so many who are sick and suffering stories like my son.

Kari J. Kindem, CFHom and Vaccine Injury Specialist is an extremely talented and dedicated homeopath.  She provided individualized care for my son.  She made homeopathy easy to understand and easy to use.  She was more available to answer my questions and care for my son than all my sons caretakers combined in the previous two years.  My sons case was not easy but she never gave up.  I will forever be thankful for her as she gave me back my son and gave him back his life.

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