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Homeopathic Facial Analysis - HFA

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About Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA)

Homeopathic Facial Analysis is used to identify miasmatic tendencies in prescribing. Contact us to learn more!

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What is Homeopathic Facial Analysis - HFA?

  • Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) is used with classical homeopathy to help interpret a client's dominant energy pattern.

  • The HFA method is used worldwide by classical homeopaths as a case analysis tool.

  • This is done in addition to our traditional case taking and repertorization of the mental, emotion, physical, and general symptoms, as well as the full medical history.

  • HFA helps a homeopath find the best matched remedy group for a given case is found with this method. 

  • Within each HFA color there are a specific set of homeopathic remedies that are clinically found to be the most effective in cases that have that color (pattern of energy) dominant.

  • There is also special consideration for the medical and miasmatic (inherited disease) history of the client and the symptoms of the chief complaint. 

HFA is used to help interpret a person's energy pattern.

  • In the HFA method, a practitioner will carefully view and measure the shape, size and placement of key facial features. These key features include a specific set of possible combinations of features in the hairline, forehead, face, eyes, nose, ears, teeth, gums and ears. 

  • According to HFA theory, each of us is born with a dominant force within us which remains for life.  For each person, there is one dominant energy pattern demonstrated in specific set of facial features that indicates a chronic energy response pattern to stress. 

  • The dominant pattern of a person's response to stress is shown physically in the face, in a certain combined set of facial features that can be analyze with a set  specifically taken facial photos.

  • Within HFA color we use polychrest remedies and nosodes that are clinically found to be the most effective in chronic cases that share the same pattern of energy as the person's face indicates is most dominant.

HFA's Historical Background

  • Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) is a homeopathic diagnostic method developed by Dr. Grant Bentley, Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy, Australia.

  • HFA analyzes the internal energy of a person's face based on the structural presentation and makes a link between facial structure, human behavior and energy patterns.

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