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Liver Flush Testimonials

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Liver Flush Testimonials
written by Mother of 4, June 2013

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"I totaled over 200 stones of all sizes: some as small as grains of rice, others as large as pennies!"

"I am a wife and mother of 4 in my early 40's and this was my first liver flush.  I opted to not do the colonic, and instead used Colosan to prepare my colon.  I started out with 12 capsules a day (4/4/4) on Day 1 and that quickly showed itself to be too much, so I reduced to 3/3/3.  Next time, I may try 2/2/2.  I also chose to use malic acid mixed with water and a touch of cherry juice. 

On the last day of the flush, I was concerned I would be hungry, but I was surprised to find I was not.  Toward the end of the day, I was a little tired and not up to doing much.  I also had a very slight headache in the evening and into the next day.  I had ordered the magnesium citrate capsules, but they did not arrive in time, so I was forced to drink the Epsom salts.  They were really not so bad with a straw.  The hardest part was drinking the lemon/olive oil mix, and even that was not so bad.  I just told myself it wasn't horrid and it would be worth it, and it went right down. 

I awoke first at around 1 am and produced my first stones.  I was amazed at them! Throughout the morning and the rest of the day, I totaled over 200 stones of all sizes: some as small as grains of rice, others as large as pennies!  How could all of that have been in my liver and gall bladder! 

I looked at the charts in the liver flush book of the bile system and thought of all the stones that would be no longer clogging things up.  It made me happy! 

I was a little tired that day, and sometimes felt a little tightness in my colon region, but otherwise felt fine.  I can't wait to see how many stones come out the next time I do the flushI am excited to see the health changes that will occur when the liver system is finally able to do its many important jobs with a clean and clear path.

This photo shows a sampling of my "collection."


Testimonial By A Teenage Girl
Written June 2013
"Simply knowing my liver rid itself of that much blockage and can now work that much more efficiently causes me to feel better."

"When I first heard of the liver flush, I thought, “What is that?!” and then, “I’m going to do that?!” Yes indeed. And I’m so glad I did.

 Six days prior, I drank the malic acid with a splash of cherry juice (which was quite tasty), glugged down tons of water, and took 3-4 Colosan pills three times day to clear out my gut. Yes, I had loose stool, but it wasn’t the painful kind like diarrhea, just loose.

The day of the flush I ate the light breakfast and lunch as instructed and drank the Epsom salt mixtures in the evening (which was mildly unpleasant, but not unbearable). Five minutes before 10pm, I forced down the olive oil/lemon juice concoction and went to sleep.

At 1am I woke with a small urge to use the bathroom, but ignored it and went back to sleep. The next urge at 5:30 am hastened me to the bathroom where I expelled over a hundred stones. I wouldn’t call them “stones,” as they were soft, pea-green lumps, the largest the size of a ladybug, most of them half the size of that. I did feel nauseous then, probably from the release of so many toxins. 

My second trip to the bathroom produced so many “stones,” it looked like the toilet had algae! My liver must have felt better. After that huge dump only a few more stones surfaced, and I felt fine the rest of the day.

Simply knowing my liver rid itself of that much blockage and can now work that much more efficiently causes me to feel better. It’s not that difficult or that much of a trouble; the most painful part was swallowing the olive oil and lemon juice, and even that wasn’t overly dreadful! If I can do it (and I’m 16), and my mom can do it, and my grandma can do it, you can definitely do it and definitely should."

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