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Mastitis Recovery With Homeopathy In A New Mom

Testimonial written by Victoria, Louisiana, USA
Published October 13, 2015

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"Within a day of taking the remedy as prescribed I felt exponentially better! My fever was gone within 24 hours of taking the remedy and my breast was back to “normal” within 2 days."

"At three weeks post partum, I realized that I had mastitis in my right breast. I had extreme pain and slight redness as well as fever and body aches. It was hard to care for my little one on my own because I felt so run down. I immediately contacted my midwife to touch base with her and confirm that it indeed was mastitis. She offered to put me on antibiotics but was also willing to help me treat this naturally. 

I, of course, did not want to take antibiotics unnecessarily because I knew it would be passed on to my baby. I contacted Kari J. Kindem, CCH, CFHom to see which remedy would best help me, and together we found one and I started it immediately. I used a combination of the homeopathic remedy as well as frequent nursing and hot compresses. Within a day of taking the remedy as prescribed I felt exponentially better! My fever was gone within 24 hours of taking the remedy and my breast was back to “normal” within 2 days. This was one of the best responses to a remedy I’ve had. I’m so glad I was able to handle mastitis without taking antibiotics and not interfering with my milk supply. Another win for homeopathy!"

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