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Opium (Papaver somniferum)

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  • Opium treats diseases that originate from fright.

  • Opium impacts the nervous system.

  • Opium lessens voluntary movements, contracts pupils, depresses higher intellectual powers, lessens self-control and power of concentration, judgment

  • All complaints are characterized by abnormally deep sleep or a stupor.

  • Lack of response to various medicines.

  • Vertigo.

  • Delirium.

  • Paralysis of tongue.

  • Obstinate constipation.

  • Stool round like black balls.

  • Snoring.

  • Great drowsiness.

  • Convulsions.

  • Useful in coma.

  • Depression drowsy stupor, painlessness, and torpor.

  • General sluggishness and lack of vital reaction, constitute the main indications for the drug when used homeopathically.

  • Painless and are accompanied by heavy, stupid sleep, noisy, labored breathing.

  • Sweaty skin.

  • Dark, mahogany-brown face.

  • Serous apoplexy - venous, passive congestion.

  • Want of sensitiveness to the action of medicines.

  • Reappearance and worse from becoming heated.

  • Stimulates the imagination, checks all secretions except that of the skin.

  • Want of susceptibility to remedies even though indicated.

  • Diseases that originate from fright.

  • BETTER from cold things, constant walking.

  • WORSE from heat, during and after sleep Apis; Lachesis)

Opium Papaverum: Homeopathic Medicine -Tips For Beginners
(4:41 minutes)


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