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Rhododendron Chrysanthum
(Yellow snowrose or Rosebay - Rhod.)

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Rhododendron Chrysanthum as been used for hundreds of years for rheumatism and gout. A person needing rhododendron is someone who responds to rapid changes of weather such as wind, storm, cold, thunder and/or electrical disturbances. The person is worse during seasonal changes from summer to winter. Symptoms often come for indefinite periods of time, sometimes longer sometimes shorter (2 - 12 days). Symptoms will be absent then come again and be felt for several days. Symptoms are most likely to return back when the weather becomes cold and when a storm is threatening.  It is not necessary for the person to be  exposed to the actual elements in order to develop the indications for the Rhododendron remedy. The person may be warm in bed or in front of a roaring fire when the thought of a change in environmental conditions could be sufficient to bring on symptoms. This remedy is known to be for "Nervous persons who dread a storm and are particularly afraid of thunder."

Rhododendron homeopathic remedy is used arthritis and chronic rheumatism of the smaller joints and their ligaments. Rhododendron is also used for chronic periostitis, the inflammation of the periosteum, a layer of connective tissue that surrounds bone. It is also used for  chronic rheumatism which simulates rheumatic gout. The enlargements of the joints are produced by fibrinous deposits and not by chalky excretions. Rhododendron is used for gout of the big toe joint, which is often mistaken for bunion.

These are the key symptoms of the homeopathic remedy Rhododendron:

  • Rhododendron acts on the fibrous and serous tissues.

  • The disposition is indifferent, with disinclination to exertion. 

  • Early morning headache drawing pressing pain in the forehead and temporal region extending into the bones with itching of the scalp.  

  • Drawing tearing pain which is trigger by uncertain or stormy, rainy weather.

  • Early morning nose obstruction. 

  • Respiratory coryza and other catarrhal difficulties.

  • Epigastric pressure and shortness of breath, a kind of splenic stitch in the left hypochondrium.

  • Tardy evacuation of feces even though the consistency of the stool is normal. Stool contains undigested food.

  • Digging, drawing (gouty, rheumatic) pains in the extremities, especially in the bones of the forearms, hands, legs and feet.

  • Drawing pains in the joints; increase of the pains during repose and in unsettled, rough weather and at the approach of storms.

  • Crawling and itching in isolated spots on the limbs; weak, paralytic feeling in single limbs.

  • Menses suppressed.  

  • Scrotal itch, sweat, wrinkling with soreness between the genitals and the thighs, testes swollen and hard. Feeling of scrotum being crushed. 

  • Pains in limbs and joints affect chiefly the forearm, hand and the leg and foot. Pains are in the bone or periosteum.

  • Pains  attack a small extent of the limb then they disappear and re-appear and are always worse on the approach of bad weather.

  • Pains aggravated by motion and toward morning.

  • Rhododendron acts also upon the testes; reduces chronic enlargements and indurations of the testes and epididymis.

  • Worse from cold, wet, wind, storm and particularly thunder.

  • Worse with rest, touch or pressure.

  • Worse at night.

  • Better warmth, head covered.

  • Better with movement.

  • Better after storms.

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