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Vaccine Damage and Autism Recovery

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Homeopathy for Women

Vaccine Damage and Autism Recovery

Homeopathic remedies can help children with autistic symptoms to move toward recovery.
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Results are what count to parents, not theories or methods.

Wherever you start on the healing path, it has the potential to improve health and there are many roads and combined methods to recovery, but the road is a long one.

The key is to stay on that path and stay there long enough.
We consider homeopathy a “lifestyle”, which means you will use it the rest of your child’s life for all types of non-suppressive medical care, including acutes - not just for initial detox recovery.

We know there are many therapies besides homeopathy that can produce impressive gains, too.  Many therapies unrelated to homeopathy that have recovered autistic children and these many adjunct therapies include diet, methylation therapies, nutrient therapies, cranial sacral therapy, auditory integration therapy, ABA, neurotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, etc. etc. plus other interventions – these too have made for striking gains in children with autism spectrum by working on different systems of the body and thus impacting the whole.

Homeopathy however treats the WHOLE PERSON, at the same time. 

We have seen that homeopathy has the key foundational impact on stimulating our natural detox system that we are each prewired with and that getting it back to normal function as fundamental to achieving higher level improvements. This includes nutrient therapies (including the right diet and specific nutrients the child is deficient in), classical homeopathy (to support a gentle and continuous detox of body, mind, spirit) and vaccine detox therapies including things like CEASE, if needed - when the vaccine assault that triggered autism regression is identified clearly in the timeline.

We have training and experience in all and have had success with various methods AND in combination with spectrum cases including autism, ADHD, PANDAS, OCD and SPD.

Interestingly, we see in practice that most vaccine injured children were first damaged
by the early and repeated DTaP vaccines
which contain high amounts of aluminum per dose.

Though symptoms were under the radar at that time, in retrospect the parents will remember the signs. Read more about the many symptoms of DTaP damage here.  We have seen remarkable and fairly swift gains by detoxing specifically DTaP vaccines in several cases where the symptoms correlated to the timeline of regression - especially with frequent ear nose and throat (ENT) issues, recurring strep or sore throats, asthma, ADHD, hyperactivity.

Homeopathy can help to detox the vaccine burden to the immune system either general or specifically.
Either by removing the toxins of that vaccine or drug - and/or strengthening the body to detox them – both work, in different ways, at different paces.  This is because “like cures like”, and this is the fundamental key to homeopathy.  If a remedy is “like” enough to the issues presenting, it will help the body recovery from those toxic effects. As those issues resolve, others will show up and need a new “like” remedy and so on and so on.  This is the "layers" concept in the practice of homeopathy.

Remember, any method of recovery takes TIME, discernment and patience – and stopping allopathic suppression and future toxic assaults as best as one can, including any more vaccinations. 

  • The body is completely interconnected and any shift in one area effects the whole.  In my experience, it also takes moving to high potencies with homeopathy, slowly and gently, as the damage is so comprehensive.

  • In my experience, it also  takes more than one remedy, more than one potency.

  • Plus it takes lifestyle changes, diet changes, some nutrient testing and nutrient therapies to see clear deficiencies and stimulate a faster fix. 

  • Lastly, the homeopathic care of the mother in particular, is essential in my practice, to keep them stabilized through the process, because they are traumatized by this whole experience with their child.

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