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Homeopathic remedies will provide an effective, natural support for those with symptoms of poor thyroid function and weight gain.
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Woman, Age 38 With Improved Health Weight Loss After Birth Control Detox

"Kari J. Kindem, CCH, CFHom, began supervising my birth control detox in April 2018.  I was 36 with an impressively suppressive history of antibiotics, antivirals, Botox, steroids, vaccines, over-the-counters, and birth control use.  Through gentle homeopathic clearings, Kari methodically peeled off each suppressive layer.  In the process, she also helped me peel off well over 20 pounds.  As of September 2020, I'm 39.  This is the healthiest, trimmest, and fittest - and happiest - I've been in my entire adult life. 

Ten pounds effortlessly vanished during the birth control detox.  Most of the weight came from the hips and upper thighs.  My body shape actually changed:  no more pear shape.  During the antibiotic detox, eight pounds rapidly appeared; however, this disappeared during the twelve week detox as my GI system healed.  Since, the continued weight loss has been steady - and permanent.  The most drastic weight loss occurred during the flu shot detox.  I'd received the vaccine 9 years earlier.  Over the 12 week detox period, more than 12 pounds melted away.  I'm continuing to lose inches since completing this clearing.  My hips and thighs are as lean as college cheerleading days.  

I take the Trace Minerals recommended after an HTMA hair test and follow the suggested dietary guidelines based on the mineral analysis report. These minerals provide much energy, and I joined a gym after a multi-year hiatus. 

Thanks to Kari, I recently celebrated my third month being migraine free.  Since 2005, a migraine per week minimum was the norm.  Throughout my 20's and most of my 30's, no matter what I did, my weight plateaued, 1/2 pound weight gains added up, and I stayed on a caffeine/sugar/medicine cycle thanks to the debilitating migraines.  Not anymore.  Thanks to Kari and homeopathy, 39 looks to be the best yet!

Mom of 1, Alabama, USA July 2021

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