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Concussion or Traumatic Brain Injury
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Homeopathy for Women

Homeopathic Remedies For Concussion or Traumatic Brain  Injury

Homeopathic remedies can help a person relieve new or lingering concussion symptoms y. Contact us to learn more!

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For severe concussions, always call 911
Or go to the local Emergency and contact your Doctor immediately.


  • Aconite
    Acute fear of death after head injury.

  • Arnica
    This is the first and major remedy for concussion.
    Usually bruising and swelling accompanies the concussion. If the person is conscious, they say they are ok, when they clearly are not.  May refuse to be examined or touched. May be sleepy, going in and out of stupor. If asked a question, they will answer correctly, then go back to sleep. Face may be hot while the rest of the body is cold. Used for someone with chronic after-effects of head injury - the are spacey and seem disconnected,

  • Cicuta virosa
    Childish, at times imbecilic behavior after a concussion. Convulsions and dizziness.

  • Hypericum
    Convulsions may soon follow a head injury.
    Chronic mental changes and headaches can persist after the injury. This is a major remedy for the effects of spinal contusions.

  • Helleborus
    For chronic mental dullness, slowness and confusion after head injury.
    The person seems stupefied, answering questions slowly, if at all. Their awareness of their mental limitations may be frightening to them.

  • Natrum sulphuricum
    For the after-effects of concussions.
    While several symptoms typical of post-traumatic brain damage may be seen in this remedy such as cognitive thinking, concentration, memory changes, dizziness, convulsions, tinnitus.  The personality changes are most characteristic of Natrum sulphuricum is that the person shows irritability, confusion, and especially depression, even suicidal thoughts.

  • Opium
    For stupor or coma following head injury. The breathing tends to be rattling or snoring. Pupils are constricted. The face is bloated and flushed. Reflexes may be almost absent.

  • Phosphorus  
    Follows after Opium for concussion.

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