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Hair Testing Consultation Services

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Homeopathy for Women

Hair Testing Consultation Services

You must be living in the USA or Canada to request this homeopathic service.




Read more about Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

All ages.

Must live in the USA or have a USA shipping address for consultations.

  • Must have a current hair test with Trace Labs to book this consultation.

  • Hair Test: $195 for Hair Test (HTMA) is required to be ordered and results received prior to booking a consultation.

  • HTMA test includes a 100% accurate analysis of 36 essential minerals, 8 toxic metals, 7 mineral ratios plus comprehensive data, nutritional supplement recommendations and dietary suggestions.

  • Hair Testing Consultation Fee: $299.95 - 1 hour Hair Test Consult or $499.95 - 2 hour Hair Test Consult by Skype or Zoom to discuss the hair test results in detail.

  • Fee includes completing a Brief Medical History online with case history and review prior to the consultation.

  • Includes a care plan with nutritional supplement advice, diet recommendations and a homeopathic prescription for the first 30 days.

Fee does not include the cost of any recommended nutritional supplements

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