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Crotalus Horridus

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Crotalus horridus (Crot-h)
(Rattlesnake, Pit Viper. )

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  • Crotalus horridus is a chief remedy for photophobia.

  • Very sensitive to light especially lamp light or bright lights.

  • Cluster headaches.

  • Tearing and boring pain as if cut made around eye. It is also useful in absorption of hemorrhages.

  • Useful in low septic typhoid or malarial fever.

  • There is low state of vitality with tremendous weakness with red or purple skin eruptions and hemorrhage.

  • The skin is yellow and the sweat stains linen red, due to presence of blood in sweat.

  • Useful in vomiting of food, vomiting of blood, dark coffee ground in color.

  • Stomach is unable to retain any food. Constant nausea and vomiting every month after menstruation.

  • Great tendency to hemorrhages from every orifice of the body like ear, nose, eyes, and even from the pores of skin.

  • The blood is dark, fluid, decomposed and does not coagulate.

  • During hemorrhages the skin becomes cold and dry and the person wants fanning.

  • Crotalus Horridus is also indicated in skin affections like boils, carbuncles, pustular eruptions and post vaccination eruptions.

  • Blood boils and eruptions are surrounded by purplish mottled skin and swelling.

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