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Cuprum metallicum

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Cuprum metallicum (Cupr.)
(the metal copper)

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  • Cuprum metallicum is copper, a mineral that made into a homeopathic remedy.
  • Cuprum treats a wide range of symptoms including copper toxicity
  • Spasms, cramps, emotional suppression, mental exhaustion, problems breathing and rashes.
  • Spasmodic convulsions, beginning in fingers and toes, violent, contractive, and with intermittent pain.
  • Chorea (twitching) brought on by fright.
  • Severe nausea, person gushes out a frothy matter and is only relieved by a drink of cold water.
  • Great burning is complained of in epigastrium.
  • A deathly feeling of constriction beneath the sternum.
  • Intense cutting pains in umbilical region as from a knife, associated with tenesmus or contraction of abdominal muscles should call for the remedy.
  • Use for epilepsy, where the aura begins at knees, ascends to hypogastrium; then unconsciousness, foaming, and falling.
  • Complaints begin in left side typically.
  • In whooping cough, for which Cuprum is an important remedy, the attacks are spasmodic in their nature. It is so long-lasting and suffocating that the person turns entirely breathless, blue, and rigid. At the end of the cough vomits out all the food taken and a little of tough gelatinous mucus.

  • Cough with a gargling sound in the-throat, as if water were being poured out of a bottle. Another strange thing about this cough is better from a drink of cold water.
  • Severe muscular spasms.
  • There is generally great restlessness between the attacks either filling up the entire interval or only a part of the time.
  • Cuprum is for the bad effects of suppressed eruptions
  • The mental symptoms of Cuprum metallicum are maliciousness, mania and delirium. They bite and strike
  • The Cuprum mania is characterized by fierce rage, wild look and fear. They try to bite and beat everybody near them and tear things to pieces. They constantly protrude and retract their tongue in the mouth like that of a snake.
  • Marked loss of memory, sadness, constant restlessness alternation of happiness and depression.
  • Mental exhaustion brought on by loss of sleep.
  • Headache with convulsive motions of the extremities and of the muscles of the face.
  • Tossing about of head, immovability of pupils, quick rotation of eye-balls under close lids.
  • Spasmodic distortion of face.
  • Frothing from mouth.

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