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Direction of Recovery and Exteriorization on a Remedy

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Direction Of Recovery: About Reactions To Homeopathic Remedies

  • One of the first signs of healing is when the Vital Force (which in modern terms is called our immune system) starts to affect the mental and emotional (M/E) plane. 
  • The immune system then starts to push the disease out from the mental and emotional plane toward the physical plane.
  • Anytime a natural physical disease is driven inside through various forms of suppression, it moves the disease to the mental and emotional plane as well as being experienced on the physical plane.
  • There does not have to be a strong initial reaction for a remedy to act!  With water dosing, we are always looking and planning for NO type of aggravation to the remedy and this is why we dose such a small dose on a daily basis.  Technically speaking, there is always some type of “aggravation” (even a tiny one) after any dose of the well-indicated remedy.  This is because immune system has to react to the remedy itself.  This response to the dose is called the primary action and the secondary action is the immune system’s healing response.
  • When the remedy is dosed in a low potency, daily in water, progress should be a gentle and slow improvement on all levels.

About Exteriorization After Dosing

  • Sometimes the healing process is accompanied by exteriorization.  When exteriorization does happen, exteriorization immediately following a remedy usually indicates that the remedy has had an action of the VF and that movement has begun.
  • We do not looking for an immediate improvement because that could indicate suppression or palliation.
  • We can't judge the effectiveness of the remedy by the first day after the dose.  We need at least 2 weeks to see the action holding.

The follow types of responses on a new remedy are considered "exteriorization" and are "good" signs of Direction of Recovery.

  • The person feels more energy.
  • The person feels better mentally/emotionally – there can be a release of suppressed emotions.
  • A minor skin rash develops anywhere.
  • Any old symptom(s) the client had PRIOR return - even a long time ago – reappear.
  • New or increased mucus or discharge.
  • Increase in bowel movements (including size) or more urination or more perspiration.
  • There is a need for more sleep and/or sleep is deeper.
  • Dreams of past trauma at any age, can also occur.

Homeopathy - Direction of Recovery - Misha Norland
(6:07 minutes)


Homeopathy - Suppression - Misha Norland
(6:07 minutes)



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