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Hyoscyamus Niger

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 Hyoscyamus Niger (Hyos.)

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Hyoscyamus niger is useful in Autism, ADHD, PANDAS and other neurological disorders, along with other important polychrests.


  • Treating anxiety, irritability, restlessness and nervous agitation.


  • It can also calm rage, twitching, spasms and nail biting. Strong emotions. Becomes strongly attached.

  • This leads to JEALOUSY and SUSPICIOUSNESS.

  • Sleeplessness from nervous excitement; the brain is full of bewildering ideas and images.

  • Sleeplessness from anxiety or overexcitement.

  • Sleeplessness after long illnesses and the brain cells are poorly nourished.

  • Sleeplessness in children, who twitch, cry out frightened and tremble.

  • Sleeplessness from overworked minds and without apparent cause.

  • Sleeplessness from nervous excitement. Cries out of sleep, frightened.  Brain full of bewildering ideas and images.

  • Sleeplessness in children who twitch, cry out, frightened and tremble.

  • Irritable and easily excited individuals.

  • Quarrelsome. Cursing. Abusive. Fighting.

  • SHAMELESS, obscene in behavior, talking, dressing.

  • Ailments from disappointed love. Feels will be destructed by his emotions. Shuts them off.

  • EMOTIONS become BLOCKED, immovable (Aur, Ph-ac, Sep).


  • MANIA.

  • Gestures with hands. Picking at bedclothes.

  • Erotic. Suspicious. Loquacity.

  • Fear of WATER, being poisoned, being alone.

  • Aversion: WATER (Lyss, Stram)



  • Spasms, jerks, twitchings. Convulsions.

  • Violent impulses. Occasionally becomes violent.

  • Delusion being poisoned, possessed by the devil.

  • Children: Behavior problems. ADHD. Fighting. Abusive. Hurts younger siblings from jealousy. Sexual interest. Depression and timid behavior can be seen also. Children playing with the genitals or holding them. exhibitionism. Erotic mania. Silly laughing. Foolish behavior. Wakes up frightened from sleep.

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