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Impetigo Recovery Naturally With Homeopathy in Baby

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Homeopathy for Women

Impetigo Recovery With Homeopathy in Baby, Age 6 months!

Homeopathic remedies will provide a effective, natural treatment for impetigo. Contact us to learn more!

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Photo of taken at the beginning homeopathy for impetigo


"Each day brought more improvement little by little, and each day Kari answered my many questions and gave me peace of mind by explaining what was happening with him.
I had never experienced such support for my child's health!"

"My youngest son was diagnosed with impetigo at just 6 months old. His legs were covered with sores that were scabbed over and weeping. We thought it was an eczema outbreak, so in treating him for that, the impetigo infection got worse and worse. When we finally went to the pediatrician and received the diagnosis of Impetigo, we were told that the ONLY way to heal him was antibiotics. I couldn't bring myself to give him his first round of antibiotics at such a young age, so a good friend and long time client of Kari J. Kindem, CCH, CFHom recommended that I contact her. It was the hardest and best decision we made. I emailed Kari about acute care for an infectious disease first thing in the morning, and after exchanging emails about our situation, she had given him a prescription that same afternoon. Since it was my first time working with her, she answered all of my questions quickly and in detail.

By the next morning we noticed slight improvement. Kari asked for pictures and walked me through everything. She explained that it would take time, and let us know what to expect. Each day brought more improvement little by little, and each day Kari  answered my many questions and gave me peace of mind by explaining what was happening with him. I had never experienced such support for my child's health!

After about 3 weeks homeopathy for impetigo.

During this time, my little guy wasn't sleeping well and was nursing often, so I was having a hard time keeping myself healthy. When I contacted Kari, I had just finished my second round of antibiotics over the course of three weeks for strep throat that just wouldn't go away. When I felt my throat start to hurt for the third time, Kari gave me a homeopathic prescription that took care of the strep, and helped me to have the energy and health to focus on caring for my little guy. I even escaped the flu that hit my husband and daughters. I was amazed!

It's been 4 weeks, and our little guy's legs are looking great!! The sores are completely healed, and all that's left is redness from the scabs, which will take time to go away completely. We are so thankful for Kari's care of us during such a hard time. Although my husband is fine with my more natural way of caring for our family, this serious infection pushed him to his limit. After working with Kari and seeing the results, he is a believer! We are excited to work with Kari in the future for her expertise in the overall health of our family!"

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