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Infant Constipation

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Infant Constipation and Homeopathy

Homeopathy can help babies and infants resolve constipation gently and quickly. Contact us to learn more.

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Tips For Treating Infant Constipation

  • If your baby is constipated, use in infant formula probiotic to help restore the friendly bacteria in the bowel and help bowel health. Infant probiotics are perfectly safe and can be mixed in with yoghurt for older babies on solids.
  • Nursing mothers should check their diet and be sure their baby is not sensitive to cow's milk or dairy.  Nursing mothers should be stay very hydrated and drink plenty of water and eat more fruits and juicy foods to be sure they are producing an adequate supply of breast milk. Be careful to  not over-do the fiber in your own diet if your baby is constipated.
  • When babies are on solids as well as milk, give them fruit or fruit juice to encourage a bowel movement.and give them water as well.
  • Constipation can depress immunity, allow for more toxins the body, holdback development and preventing the proper assimilation of nutrients.  This means it may contribute to poor growth and picky eaters. Therefore, constipation is significant in relation to your baby's overall health.
Homeopathic Remedies For Constipation In Babies and Infants:
  • Calc-carbonica
    This is useful if your baby seems to be not bothered at all in any way by being constipated and the bowel just seems inactive. This baby is a placid type, who gets a bit sweaty round the back of the head, is pudgy with chubby cheeks and contented. The constipation may accompany teething as well or not. They may have trouble digesting milk or be sensitive to lactose or milk protein.
  • Lycopodium
    This is where the baby will be irritable with the constipation. Very gassy. Lots of burping and/or farting alongside the complaint. Instead of having a poor appetite, they seem to never get enough to satisfy them and particularly get hungry at night-time. They will also be clingy and fussy in general from the discomfort and their abdomen will be distended or hard as a rock.
  • Nux-vomica
    For an impatient, determined baby. Can irritable but is independent rather than clingy. Is more frustration with developmental milestones than other babies. Give this also where the baby has had any conventional medicines that have upset the system or where the baby needed a laxative to produce a bowel movement. This baby will be trying to will strain and push but nothing will come out.
  • Opium
    For stubborn constipation in infants, brought on by a frightening delivery, ailments from fright for the mother, a prolonged and difficult delivery. Also from fear or fright during the pregnancy for the mother. Due to inaction of the intestines, a regular paralysis of the peristaltic movement. Absence of desire, no urging to stool and so the feces become impacted in the bowels.  When passed they are little, hard, dry, black balls. It may get worse from gas buildling up  in the upper part of the intestines.
  • Silica
    When stools are hard, small and dark and are produced with much strain and effort. The stool may recede after baby has tried to make a bowel movement . Use if the constipation starts up coinciding with difficult and slow teething. Use if your baby's appetite is poor and they are not gaining weight satisfactorily.

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