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Lac Maternum Remedy
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Lac Maternum Remedy

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About Lac Maternum Homeopathic Remedy

This remedy is made from the milk collected from nine different lactating women at a various stages that ranged from the colostrum and the involution phases of lactation, all the way up to the 10th month of breastfeeding.

Although there are many similarities between Lac Humanum and Lac Maternum when it comes to the digestive system and the sensory awareness, but there are also great differences in between the two.

Lac Maternum - Main Symptoms

  • In this remedy there is a great struggle with coming to terms with having to be incarnated into the physical body.

  • In this milk the individual feels hindered by their physical body on trying to experience their spirituality, and they tend to alternate between engaging and disengaging from it.

  • There are modalities that recreate physical sensations of the birth process in this remedy.

    • Intense pressure on the head.

    • neck and upper back.

    • aggravated by bending the head forward and turning it.

    • ameliorated by extending the head back and straightening up the body.

    • Pressure first on one shoulder then on the other, dislocation of one shoulder.

  • Headache ameliorated by rocking back and forth, photo-phobia, lack of appetite and desire to sleep.

  • Lack of solidification.

  • Tendency to easy bleeding.

  • Watery stools.

  • According to Tinus Smits this remedy has improved eating disorders and craving for sweets where Saccharum Officinalis has failed to help.

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