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NANO SOMA® Food Supplement

NANO SOMA® (Metadichol®) is a nutraceutical made from food, which triggers the body to heal itself!

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About NANO SOMA® Food Supplement

This patented spray is a plant-based, nanoemulsion containing policosanol. It has largely gone missing from our food.  NANO SOMA is not a nutraceutical. It is food and sold as such in many countries.

Watch This Video About NANO SOMA® Food Supplement
Learn How and Why It Works!
(14:32 minutes)

Watch video at this link:

Scientific Research On The NANO SOMA® Food Supplement
  1. Nano Soma Inhibits SARS COV 2
  2. Nano Soma and Diabetes Type 1 Research
  3. Nano Soma and Diabetes Type 2 Research
  4. Nano Soma and Dengue And Ebola Research
  5. Nano Soma and Viruses Research
  6. Nano Some and Zika Paper
  7. Nano Soma and BCAT1 Longevity Paper

About The Development of NANO SOMA® Spray:

  • This is a brand name for the nutritional supplement patented under the name Metadichol®.
  • It was developed by Dr. Palayakotai Raghavan (Ragu) and is made from ingredients that are contained in food we eat every day.
  • NANO SOMA is nano spray that is  manufactured as a nano emulsion of policosanol that is formulated in water
  • It is a natural, non-toxic food product that has no known negative side effects.
  • It is manufactured using nano technology in  FDA approved laboratory in Switzerland
  • The key ingredients are policosanol derived from rice brand, Vitamin E and pure water.
  • All ingredients are classified by the FDA as "GRAS" - generally regarded as safe.
  • Policosanol is made in a nano particulate form and stabilized in this unique product with the understanding of how this will interact with the body and be absorbed instantly at a cellular level.
  • It’s action is  similar to a potentized low potency (nano particle) homeopathic remedy.

Benefits Of NANO SOMA® Spray

  • NANO SOMA® binds to the Vitamin D receptors on the immune cells throughout the body to stimulate the immune system and inhibit a variety of diseases process.
  • In independent lab tests, NANO SOMA® has demonstrated the ability to inhibit Zika, Dengue, Ebola, H1N1, SARS, West Nile, Yellow Fever and many other deadly viruses. 
  • The benefits Of NANO SOMA® Nano Spray include:
    • Improving the immune and physiological functions.
    • Minimizing the effects of drugs.
    • Defending against bacterial and viral infections.
    • Performing gene transcription.
    • Repairing damaged blood vessels, skin tissues and organs.
    • Correcting for abnormal biomarkers and underlying health problems.
    • Improving longevity.
  • NANO SOMA® is a very simple nutritional supplement that holds the key to transforming many aspects of human health and beyond.

NANO SOMA® and Nano Particles Action In The Body

  • The policosanol nano particles are smaller than the cells of the body - smaller than a virus - that they can easily transfer into the cells of the body.
  • Each spray of NANO SOMA® contains more than a quintillion policosanol particles. The particles have a size less than 60 nanometers.
  • These NANO SOMA® particles can therefore penetrate through the skin tissues, get into all cells of the body.
  • These nano particles can  get into all cells in the body,  bind to the Vitamin D receptors, regulate genes and improve the immune system. Larger particles of other nutritional products get trapped in various organs in the body. Their particle size is too large to get into the nucleus of the cells and activating human cells to improve health.
  • NANO SOMA® can penetrate through organs, get in to the cells, regulate genes and is more effective in improving health.

NANO SOMA®, Vitamin D and Immunity

  • The activation of Vitamin D Receptors (VDR) is critical to immunity.
  • Most of us do not get enough Vitamin D to trigger in our bodies and this declines with age.
  • We survive in a compromised state
  • When all of the Vitamin D receptors are activated, we function at our best.

NANO SOMA® And Its Actions In The Body

  1. It substitutes for Vitamin D3 in the body and fully activates the immune system.
    Vitamin D deficiency is linked to more that 400 diseases.  NANO SOMA® binds to the Vitamin D receptors and serves as a substitute for Vitamin D3 and helps to restore and improve overall health.
  2. It restores the natural energy pathways in the the cell mitochondrial and triggers the body to help transport oxidized Vitamin C to the cells from the foods that are eaten.
    Humans do not produce their own Vitamin C.  NANO SOMA® restores the natural energy pathways and transports oxidized Vitamin C from the cells through the foods we eat.  The body then begins to produce it's own Vitamin C in amounts we could never get from supplementation and is perfectly matched to our individual bodies and  fires up immunity.  This Vitamin C neutralizes harmful free radicals, it makes collagen tissues, and is essential for health bones, teeth, gums, immune functions and  wound healing.  By increasing Vitamin C endogenously, NANO SOMA® helps with Vitamin C deficiency.
  3. It regulates more than 2,300 human genes. 
    It up-regulates some genes and down-regulates others to effect a wide range of diseases processes.  It expresses more than 260 genes that are produced in the brain and can help to improve the condition of people with brain related health problems such as stroke and
    Parkinson's disease.
  4. It inhibits a wide range of microbial species of viruses, bacterial, fungi, yeast and parasites.
    This includes Zika, Dengue, Ebola, Marburg, Influenza A (H1N1), Yellow Fever,  Golden Staph, MRSA, Syphilis and many others.  By improving the immune defense system, NANO SOMA® serves as a powerful antimicrobial agent against many viral and bacterial infections.
  5. It produces pluripotent stem cells.
    A stem cell can become one of 220 different cells in the body. In cord blood studies,  NANO SOMA® has demonstrated the ability to produce our on pluripotent stems cells. It can enhance wound healing, including diabetes wounds, cuts and burns and repairs damaged organs and blood vessels and helps heal skin diseases.
  6. Regulates proteins and hormones.
    Imbalances in key proteins and hormones can result in sickness. NANO SOMA® helps to regulate the level of key proteins and different hormones including TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) and testosterone and it helps to lower the risk of many diseases. 
    It also reduces inflammation and pain of the joints and vessels.
  7. Improves longevity and provides anti-aging capabilities.
    By improving the immune system, increasing Vitamin C levels, regulating human genes, serving as an effective antimicrobial agent, reducing the risk of contracting chronic diseases and correcting for abnormal biomarkers and underlying health problems, NANO SOMA® helps to improve longevity through many avenues.  The indications of aging - the reducing length of the telomere on the end of the chromosome which stops getting shorter  and reverses.

Overall Benefits Of NANO SOMA®

  • Provides the therapeutic benefits of Vitamin D3.
  • Restores proper immune functions.
  • Increases Vitamin C, adiponectin and testosterone levels.
  • Inhibits TNF-a (Tumour Necrosis Factor alpha) and NF-xb (Nuclear factor kappa-light-chain-enhancer of activated B)
  • Regulates thousands of human genes.
  • Reduces inflammation and pain.
  • Enhances wound healing.
  • Defends against viruses and bacteria.
  • Increases energy levels and cognitive function.
  • Relieves itchy eyes and itchy skin.
  • Rejuvenates healthier, more youthful skin.
  • Regulates abnormal biomarkers.
  • Repairs damaged blood vessels and organs.
  • Corrects underlying health problems.
  • Improve longevity and anti-aging!

Using NANO SOMA® (Medicihol®) For COVID Vaccine Adverse Reactions, Vaccine Injury and Shedding Events

  • When the body is prompted by NANO SOMA® to trigger processes and pathways - that lead to improved health.
  • The components of the Covid vaccines and any shedding to/from others do not belong in our bodies, so we could expect that NANO SOMA® will trigger our bodies to rid themselves of this now documented contamination.

Is There Evidence To Support This?

  • The “spike proteins” are now documented to be shedding to others.
  • These spike proteins were the proteins projecting from the SARS-COV-2 virus ostensibly responsible for COVID-19. So, when there is talk of shedding spike proteins, it is likely that these are viruses that carry these spike proteins.
  • In the in vitro studies (download Nano Soma Inhibits SARS COV 2)  conducted for the research work of Dr. Palayakotai Raghavan (Raghu) was done to examine the effectiveness NANO SOMA® in blocking the SARS-COV-2 virus from entering the cells.
  • It was shown that the required priming of the spike protein (“SARS-COV-2 uses the receptor ACE2 for entry and the serine protease TMPRSS2 for S protein priming”) to enable the virus to enter the cell was blocked by NANO SOMA®:

“Metadichol (NANO SOMA®) inhibits SARS-COV-2 entry into host cells by inhibiting TMPRSS2.
It also boosts Glutathione, a powerful antioxidant which is known to degrade graphene oxide.
Glutathione another powerful antioxidant and Vitamin C."

Clearing The Effects Of The mRNA Components Of The Covid Vaccines With NANO SOMA®

  • It has been shown that NANO SOMA®  triggers processes and biological pathways in the body that mimic the human DNA to within 99%, with further tests currently underway to extend this understanding.
  • NANO SOMA® gives the body a template against which to identify all errors in and contamination of our DNA and clear it.
  • It is likely that use of NANO SOMA®  by child bearing women could potentially mitigate genetic birth defects.

How About The Graphene Oxide?

  • Here is some guidance from Dr. Raghu on this:

Biodegradability of graphene and its derivatives like graphene oxide is one of the fundamental parameters determining the fate in vivo of this material. Here, two types of aqueous dispersible graphene, corresponding to single layer (SLG) and few layer graphene (FLG), devoid of either chemical functionalization or stabilizing surfactants, were subjected to biodegradation by human myeloperoxidase (hMPO) mediated catalysis.

  • The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been show in research to contain graphene oxide.
  • NANO SOMA expressed the MPO gene in our in vitro gene expression studies.
  • Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that also degrades graphene oxide and it is also produced by NANO SOMA, which is an accepted patent claim for Metadichol (NANO SOMA®).
  • That suggests that these nano materials could potentially be removed by your body when you use NANO SOMA®.
  • NANO SOMA®  is vital in the regulation of the oxidative stress level to maintain normal cellular functions that are affected by graphene oxide. The oxidative stress in addition is also minimized as NANO SOMA endogenously increases.

What About Blood Clotting?

  • There is strong in vitro evidence to support the ability of NANO SOMA® to clear direct and indirect effects of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Is There In Vivo (In The Body) Studies As Confirmation For Shedding Events?

  • There have been cases of people experiencing skin conditions (rashes or  hives) as a result of being Covid vaccinated or coming into close contact with those Covid vaccinated.
  • In some cases, these adverse reactions have cleared very quickly on beginning to use NANO SOMA® in a matter of days.
  • For  others with skin or other  shedding events from coming into close contact with someone Covid vaccinated, it may take a few days to clear, or up to 30 days.
  • There is also a trial being planned at a hospital in Mumbai, India to obtain formal in vivo confirmation of these results using NANO SOMA


  • Adults 18+ : 3-5 sprays in mouth once a day
  • Ages 6-17 : 2-3 sprays in mouth once a day
  • Ages 0-5 : 1-2 sprays in mouth once a day
Ingredients of NANO SOMA® Food Supplement
Serving size:  5 sprays in mouth once a day.
1 bottle will last about 30 days when using 5 sprays per day.

This is for the 2.5mg/ml product:

  • Water    98.07%
  • Policosanol   0.25%\
  • Sucrose Monolaurate   0.24%
  • Vitamin E TPGS    1.00%
  • Potassium Sorbate    0.25%
  • Citric Acid    0.19%
Medical Disclaimer

This website does not provide any medical advice. For medical advice, please consult your doctor or a licensed health care professional. The product and any related statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, sure or prevent any disease. 

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