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Remedies Potencies Used in Homeopathy

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Potency Types:
The various different potency systems - X, C, LM.  In Europe they use a "D" for what we use as an "X" in the USA) are all about how the dilution process was conducted.

X potencies are made through repeated dilutions of 1:10
potencies are made through repeated dilutions of 1:100
potencies are made through repeated dilutions of 1:50,000

Homeopathic Pharmacy Terminology

Mother tincture

Alcohol extract of a soluble substance not potentized. Usually stored in 87% to 100% alcohol

Liquid stock bottle

Potentized remedy in solution (i.e. Sulphur 12c) preserved with 87% - 100% alcohol

Remedy solution bottle

1 pellet (#10) poppy seed size, of a lm potency or c potency is put in 4oz. of water + 2 to 3 teaspoons of 90-95% ethyl alcohol (Everclear). Succuss this bottle 8-10 times before taking out each dose (1-3 teaspoons) to put in the dosage cup

Dosage cup

A 4oz. cup of distilled water with 1-3 teaspoons from the remedy solution bottle. Stir vigorously, take 1 teaspoon as 1 dose


To hit against a resilient object such as a leather bound book or the palm of your hand


To grind in a mortar and pestle

 Potency Symbols


1:50,000 (50 millesimal scale)
Also written as LM/1, LM/2, 0/1, 0/2, or
Q1, Q2, etc.

X (D)

1:10 (decimal scale); also written as D in Europe


1:100 (centesimal scale); also written as CH in Europe and CK for Korsakovian Method.


1,000 C (centesimal scale)


10,000 C (centesimal scale)


50,000 C (centesimal scale)


100,000 C (centesimal scale)

Potency Number
The potency number indicates how many times the dilution step was done. For example, to make a 3C remedy, first a unit of substance is diluted in a mixture of alcohol and water (or is ground into milk-sugar) in a ratio of 1:100, then a unit of THAT is diluted in a ratio of 1:100, and then a unit of THAT is diluted in a ratio of 1:100. In other words, the dilution is done 3 times. After each dilution step, a process of vigorous shaking or grinding occurs call POTENTIATING. This is the most critical thing (which even modern scientists have discovered) that imparts the quality of the substance into the dilution.

Differences in Potencies:
Because of the different ratios of dilution that can be used, each of the potency systems creates remedies that have a different quality to them.
We could think of X potencies as the "edgiest" because they still have a material dose of the substance in them.  Above the 23rd dilution, there is no material substance that can be found scientifically in any remedy. 

European Potencies
In Europe and some other parts of the world you will see the letter D or DH. This refers to decimal or 1/10 which is the same as X, here in the U.S.  Also in Europe the position of the number and letter designation are reversed.  So you will see such designations as D5 or D10 which are equivalent to 5X and 10X.

C, CH vs. CK Potencies
The CH and CK, these are equivalent to C, referring to the Centesimal or 1/100 dilution rate.  The H and K  indicate the type of dilution method used. H indicates that the medicine was prepared according to the Hahnemann method and K the Korsakovian Method.

  • The Hahnemanian method uses 1 part of the homeopathic potency to 99 parts of alcohol in a new flask and succussed to make the next higher potency on the centesimal scale.
  • The Korsakovian method is simpler and quicker and often employed to produce the higher potencies of 200C and above. In the Korsakovian method the same container is used for each succession of the dilution step.

LM Potencies
We can think of the LM potencies as the most "smooth". You might think of X potencies as being like more boxy waves, and LM potencies as being very smooth undulating waves. LMís have a deep but gentle penetrating action that allows them to be dosed daily, when needed.  Within each of these potency systems, though, the higher the potency number (the more it has been repeatedly diluted), the more specific and narrow and deep the effect. We can visualize it this way: a low potency is like a gentle wide wave. A high potency is like a wave with narrow spikes. That's why low potencies tend to have broader gentler effects, and higher potencies have deeper, more specific, and usually more long-lasting effects.

Remedy Action
Each remedy source imparts its own wave pattern or signature.
If a remedy source pattern matches a patient's energy pattern, meaning it is homeopathic to their state and symptoms. We call this the simillimum.  The simillimum should also match the personís active miasm/energy pattern and if so, then it will have a curative effect on them.

Remedy Reaction With Aggravation
If a remedy totally does NOT match, it won't mesh at all with a personís state of being and they will feel no effect. If it's close remedy, but not the simillimum, we call this a simile. A simile remedy might mesh a bit and have some desired effect.  However, sometimes a simile can even cause aggravations because it's not quite right. Similarly, if the simillimum matches but it's too high a potency for a personís state, it might amplify that state too much and aggravate them. If it's too low, it might not have so much of an effect.

Simillimum Remedy
The simillimum remedy is unique for each person is the right remedy, the right potency and the right dosage amoun
t Ė given at the right interval.  We can see why homeopathic medicine is therefore so complicated - and takes patience to unfold - because of these many variables.  The simillimum will always bring curative results in both acute and chronic care cases!

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