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Homeopathy Simillimum, Aggravation and Proving

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If a remedy is a correct Vital Force (VF) energy match, according to a person’s dominant miasm, which is carefully determined by me based on family history, case symptoms, health history, areas of organ weakness, etc., then the person's body will repel this perfectly matched remedy and in doing so, it will move OUT the symptoms. 


  • The correct energy match is “the simillimum” in classical homeopathy and we use this remedy to stimulate a cellular rebalancing in order to move OUT symptoms. 

  • In my practice, the simillimum remedy is the remedy for what is presenting NOW. 

  • The correct remedy, given often enough and dosed according to the clients state of sensitivity, in a potency that is matched for the intensity of the symptoms –  “close as possible” matching remedy - is how the simillimum will stimulate the body to recover itself naturally.

  • The simillimum works because of the Law of Similars which means “like attracts like”….and in so doing repels, or pushes OUT the disturbance, the person’s disease symptoms. 

This can and does happen based on natural laws, because in homeopathic theory and practice, we know that 2 diseases cannot co-exist equally at the same time, one has to be dominant or stronger. This means a remedy, if it is a matched AND represents a dominant energy, which is the correct remedy in the correct potency, then it will push out the disease symptoms. 

But this only happens IF the remedy used the correct energy and miasmatic match AND is also stronger than the disease (higher power/high potency) – but not so high as to aggravate or overwhelm the VF in the process of dosing.  Aggravation reactions means the person’s SAME symptoms, not new ones, are showing up in a new higher intensity, after dosing and with repeated dosing because the remedy energy is too strong, and creates too strong or a VF reaction.  The important distinction is that the same symptoms are aggravating, not new or different ones.

For example a repertorized remedy is give to a client for digestion and headaches – and after the dose, the stomachaches a person has also suffered from become worse, migraines become worse on it – this is an aggravation - a negative reaction. When the remedy is then stopped, the same symptoms improve. But if nose bleeding or ringing in the ears show up, never having happened prior - that means this not a well matched remedy and these would be understood as a dissimilar aggravation.

If the remedy, nosode, etc. is not the correct energy and for the person or their miasm, then the Vital Force (VF) will attract and “hold” it – meaning it will NOT push out symptoms with it.  This “holding on” is what is really means prove a remedy.  It means that the remedy that is completely wrong and is “held” not repelled and this creates NEW symptoms that have never been seen before AND that are associated with the remedy itself.

Taking a remedy that is wrong, wrong for the case, the symptoms and/or the miasms - even if given exactly according to a homeopath’s instructions will not prevent it from being proven, or possible do damage, especially if repeated in high dry doses and often. You have to stop the remedy to stop a proving and wait, sometimes for a longer chunk of time before repeating the dosing again.

recovery, the Homeopath needs accurate and frequent enough data from the client to interpret what really is happening - has to find the closest remedy to the person’s symptoms and energy pattern and must know the active miasmatic state of the person.  The miasmatic state is same state from the time of gestation and pregnancy to present time, regardless of what has happened to the person in life and health, or the medications or vaccines given - in order to find the simillimum.

The simillimum cures because it repels out the disease symptoms - in their totality, according to the miasmatic state of each individual. 

  • We are recovered to a better health state with homeopathy by the action of a remedy that it prescribed in the right potency, amount and frequency of dosing that matches our individual nature and the energy pattern that we inherit at birth.

  • There is no "cookie-cutter" prescription or method in classical homeopathy.

  • Every case for each person is individualized and customized for their miasmatic state, life story and health issues.

Needless to say, with all the variables involved, classical homeopathy is a very complex science to put into practice!

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