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About Homeopathic Nosodes

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Homeopathic Nosodes are deep acting remedies made from diseased tissues. They should be used cautiously and dosed according to the advanced watery dosing method with an experienced Homeopath trained in their use.  Nosodes are often used to move a case forward, to "clear a case" and/or if other well prescribed remedies have failed to act or if there is a miasmatic block.  For some people, a nosode can be their constitutional remedy.

Nosodes should not be used by any unsupervised client or by a Homeopath who is not professionally trained and experienced in their use.

Homeopathic Nosodes Include:

  • Anthracinum (Anthr.): Anthrax
    The nosode is made from anthrax. Anthracinum works for carbuncles that are blue and burning.

  • Bacillinum (Bac.): Tuberculosis
    This nosode is made from a tubercular sputum from humans. It is named and first described by Dr. Burnett, a famous homeopath.  Bacillinum is used for weak lungs of elderly people and for children with chronic catarrhal conditions and attacks of suffocation at night with difficult cough and chronic catarrhal conditions

  • Borrelia burgdorferi: (Lyme nosode)
    This nosode is used for for Lyme disease.

    This nosode is made from the bacteria borrelia burgdorferi and it is used for those with Lyme disease. 

  • Carcinosin (Carc.): Breast Cancer Tissue
    This nosode is made from breast cancer. It is considered by many expert homeopaths to be one of the greatest polychrests in homeopathic medicine. 

  • Diphtherinum (Diph.) Nosode: Diphtheria
    This nosode is used for Homeoprophylaxis for diphtheria.
    This is the nosode from diphtheria.

  • Folliculinum (Foll.): Estrogen
    This nosode is made from estrogen. It can be an important remedy for women who have estrogen poisoning as a result of using birth control pills. Folliculinum is also used in an acute type of treatment in women to regain their fertility and ovulation cycle again after a period of it being suppressed by the usage the birth control pills.

  • Haemophilus: Hib Influenza, Type B
    This nosode is used for homeoprophylaxis for Hib Influenza Type B.

  • Histaminum hydrocholoricum: Histamine
    The nosode is made from histaminum hydrochloricum, a kind of histamine used as a homeopathic remedy used for allergies. Histaminum hydrochloricum is thought to work by decreasing the amount of histamine released during an allergic response and thereby reducing the effects of that histamine.

  • Influenzinum (Influ.): Influenza. (flu). 
    This nosode is used for homeoprophylaxis for influenza (flu.)

    Influenzinum is made each year from the same influenza strain that is used in the flu vaccine for the year. It is used to treat flu symptoms and possibly present flu.
    Influenzinum is the only homeopathic flu product that is updated each year based on the flu strains predicted by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is specially formulated to stimulate the body's own defense system to resist the onset of the season's flu strains. It is shown year after year to be highly effective to prevent the flu. It is safe and natural, this helps your immune system, not depress it as other methods to prevent the flu.

  • Lathyrus Sativus: Polio
    This nosode is used for homeoprophylaxis for polio.

  • Lyssin (Hydrophobinum): Rabies
    This nosode is used for homeoprophylaxis for rabies.
    This nosode is made from rabies. People who need Lyssin often feel teased and tormented and react violently. They are known for their violent rages with quick repentance. They especially feel tormented in their place of security, and try to apologize after their rage so as to maintain the relationship with those people on whom they are dependent.

  • Medorrhinum (Medh.): Gonnorhea
    This nosode is made from gonorrhea. It is a very important remedy for hormonal problems.  Medorrhinum has many symptoms associated with mucus production,  food and eating.  Medorrhinum is one of the most commonly used remedies for children with behavioral problems, sleeping disorders and eating disorders. It is considered for recurrent urinary tract infections. It also affects the musculo-skeletal and nervous systems.

  • Meningococcinum: Meningitis bacteria. 
    This nosode is used for homeoprophylaxis for meningitis.
    This nosode is made from
    a mix of cultures of various meningococcus bacteriaThis nosode is used for homeoprophylaxis for meningitis. A major study in Brazil shows that the nosode Meningococcinum gives excellent protection against all the forms of meningitis.

  • Morbillinum (Morbill.): Measles (rubeola) virus. 
    This nosode is used for homeoprophylaxis for measles.

    This nosode is made from the measles. It is used for homeoprophylaxis for measles which is cased by the rubeola virus.

  • Oscillococcinum (Oscillo.): Duck heart and liver
    This nosode is used for influenza (flu.) symptoms.
    Oscillococcinum is a nosode made from duck heart and liver. 
    It is also used for the treatment of influenza. It is used for preventing and treating influenza-like (flu) symptoms including the relief of symptoms of flu such as fever, chills, body aches and pains. This homeopathic medicine has been shown in clinical studies to decrease the duration and intensity of flu symptoms. 

  • Parotidinum (Parot.): Mumps virus. 
    This nosode is used for homeoprophylaxis for mumps.
    This nosode is made from the mumps virus.

  • Pertussin (Pert.): Pertussis (whooping cough)
    This nosode is used for homeoprophylaxis for pertussis (whooping cough)
    Is nosode is made from Bordetella pertussis and is used for treatment of whooping cough. Whooping cough is an infection of the respiratory system caused by the bacterium Bordetella pertussis (or B. pertussis).

  • Pneumococcinum: Puenmococcoal bacteria.
    This nosode is used for homeoprophylaxis for pneumococcal disease.
    This nosode is made from pneumococcal bacteria. 

  • Psorinum (Psor.): Scabies discharge.
    This nosode is made from a scabies discharge and is used in homeopathic prescribing.

  • Rubella: German Measles (rubella).
    This nosode is used for homeoprophylaxis for German measles.
    This nosode is made from rubella (German Measles) virus. 

  • Scarlatinum (Scarlatininum)
    This is a homeopathic nosode prepared from Scarlatina or Scarlet Fever.

  • Staphylococcinum (Staphycoc.): Staphylococcus bacteria
    This nosode is made from staphylococcus, a group of bacteria that can cause a multitude of diseases as a result of infection of various tissues of the body. Staphylococcus is used when there is a suspicion of involvement of staphylococci. 

  • Streptococcinum (Streptoc.): Streptococcus bacteria
    This nosode is made from streptococcus and is used when there is strep in the person's history and it has been suppressed with antibiotics.  This includes previous diagnoses of a strep throat, Strep B infections in pregnant women, PANDAS and PANS.

  • Syphilinum (Syphil.): Syphilis
    The nosode is made from syphilis.  It is used for chronic conditions such as asthma, constipation, painful menstruation, inflammation of the iris and neuralgia. Symptoms appear gradually and resolve slowly.

  • Tetanus Toxin: Tetanus
    This nosode is used for homeoprophylaxis for tetanus.

  • Tuberculinum (Tub.): Tuberculosis
    The nosode is made from the sputum of a tubercular person. It is used when there is an ongoing symptom change when the person is under homeopathic care and well chosen remedies to not act effectively.

  • Varicella Zoster: Chicken Pox
    This nosode is used for homeoprophylaxis for chicken pox.

    The nosode is made from chicken pox.

  • Variolinum: Small Pox
    This nosode is used for homeoprophylaxis for small pox.

    The nosode is made from small pox and has been clinically found to be useful for smalls pox.
    It is also a very important remedy for the post herpetic neuralgia after shingles.

Other Nosodes Used In Homeopathy

  • Albinism Albin (albino) - Graecum album. white excrement of dogs constipated of being ill of intestine.
  • Alveolinum – Pus of dental alveola
  • Balanorrhinum – Mucilaginous fluid in gonorrhea separated from the glands of the glans penis.
  • Boviluinum – Mocus fluid that flows from nose & throat of   buffaloes    during pest.
  • Brossuluinum also known as Syphyllinum brossuluinum - Pus of venerian ulcer
  • Bupudopurinum – Mucus secretions of the mouth of the buffaloes who are ill of epizootic claudication (scorbutic disease of the mouth)
  • Carcinominum – Secretions taken out of the cancer of the arm pit
  • Ceruminum – Cerumen
  • Cholelithinum – Biliary calculi
  • Coenurinum ovium – Cerebral hydatid
  • Condulominum – Total condyloma
  • Coryzinum – Catarrhal mucosity
  • Coyinum equarum – Mucus of the lachrymal fistula
  • Dysentrinum – Anal secretions of dysenteric mucus
  • Emphyeminum – Pus of pulmonary vomit
  • Entero purinum – Entero helcosinum- ichorus pus of stools
  • Epihysterinum – Fibroid uterus
  • Enterosyringum – Fistulae of ‘ Boyau_ culier’
  • Gonorrhinum – Spermatic liquid
  • Helinum – Foot corn
  • Herculinum – Foam from the mouth during epilepsy
  • Herpinum – Dry & humid pustules of herpes
  • Hipposterinum – Larva of oxy fly found in the great quantity in the stomach of horses in the form of bunches
  • Hipposudorinum humidum – Sweat of horses
  • Hipposudorinum siccum – Dust adhered to the sweat of  horses
  • Hippozaenium – Pus or mucus secreted through the nostrils of horses suffering from humid morve.
  • Humaninum – Human stool
  • Hydrophobinum – Saliva of rabid dog
  • Karkininum – The karkininum is discharged from glans penis, lips ,nose, and uterus – the ichorus pus taken from those cancers
  • Kynoluinum – Yellow mucus secreted through the nostrils & the eyes in the disease of dogs which is called craniopaste.
  • Kynotacninum – Taenia of dogs
  • Kynotorrhinum – Pus from the ear of dogs
  • Lachryminum – tears
  • Leucorrhinum – White female discharge (white flour)
  • Lipittudinum – Pituitious fluid coming out of the eyes of men in opthalmia
  • Lumbriucinum – Ascarides lumbricoides
  • Masto carcinominum – Pus of breast cancer
  • Meletinum – Black matters in bloody vomiting
  • Nectryaninum – Wood cancer
  • Nephropostemnium – Pus of kidney abscess
  • Nephrolithinum – Kidney stone
  • Meletagrinum – Eczema capitis
  • Odontosyringinum – Purulent matter secreted from the fistulae of teeth
  • Ottorrhoninum hominum –Purulent fluid that flows out of the ears of Men
  • Ozaenum – Humors of ozaena related to carries
  • Pneumo lithinum – Lung stone
  • Pneumopthisinum – Pus of purulent phthisis
  • Podocloavinum – Corns of the sole
  • Prospopurinum – Purulent matter of the coetaneous pustules of the face
  • Pyonium bubonum, – Humors of bubo
  • Pyonium occulorum – Purulent matter secreted from eyes
  • Sudorinum pthisicum – Liquefied sweat of a phthisis patient
  • Sycisinum – venerian wart of men
  • Sudorum pedum – Foot sweat
  • Ureninum – Sediment of urine of patients suffering from intermittent fever

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