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Tick Bites and Lyme
Homeopathy For Women
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Homeopathy for Women

Treating Tic Bites and Lyme Disease

Homeopathic remedies can help a person with the symptoms of tic bites and/or Lyme Disease.
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Tic Bites And Homeopathy
Homeoprophylaxis and Lyme Disease
Lyme Testing
Isopathic Options For Lyme

Videos To Watch:
Lyme Disease with Sallie Mack, Homeopath
Homeopathy: An Option For Lyme Disease

Tic Bites And Homeopathy:

Dry Dosing Method:

  • Give 3 doses dry of Ledum 30C or 200C, 2 pills each, dissolved under the tongue a day for 3 days. 

  • Keep the dosing 30 minutes from food or drink, both before and after each dose.

Homeoprophylaxis and Lyme Disease

  • The Lyme nosode is used even monthly on exposure to tics in high exposure areas.

Lyme Testing

  • We do Lyme testing with Igenex Labs (Palo Alto, CA) who specializing in Lyme Disease and associated tick-borne Diseases for our clients.

  • Other Homeopathic remedies are used for ongoing chronic and constitutional support.

Isopathic Options For Lyme

  • If you get bitten, remove the tic and as soon as possible. 

  • Use a "tick twister" for removal.

  • Do not put anything on the tick!

  • Save the tic for possible lab testing with Igenex Labs (Palo Alto, CA).

  • To preserve in order to make a future homeopathic nosode if needed, immediately place the tick in a covered jar with 180 proof vodka, grain alcohol or brandy then label it with the person's name, date and where found on the body.

  • If you can not preserve it immediately, then tape it to a card and then label it with the person's name, date and where found on the body.

  • If it is preserved, the tick can be made into a homeopathic remedy (this is called isopathy) at a homeopathic lab for possible future analysis if needed.

Lyme Disease with Sallie Mack, Homeopath
(29:56 minutes)

Classical Homeopathy: An Option for Lyme Disease and other Chronic Illnesses
(27:45 minutes)

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