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Tinea Versicolor

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Homeopathy for Women

Tinea Versicolor and Homeopathy
Homeopathic remedies can help a person with the symptoms of tinea versicolor. Contact us to learn more!

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Homeopathic Remedies for Tinea Versicolor

  • Bacillinum
    This is an important nosode for tinea versicolor and also ringworm as well as those with enlarged and tender neck glands. People needing this remedy have a continuous tendency to get colds.

  • Caulophyllum
    Discoloration of skin in women with hormonal disturbances, menstrual and uterine disorders. These people have spots on the forehead and are prone to repeat miscarriages.

  • Chrysarobinum
    This remedy is used successfully in tinea versicolor and various other skin ailments. The person may have itchy and dry scaly eruptions especially around the eyes, ears and extremities.

  • Dulcamara
    Used to for tinea versicolor on hands, arms and face that gets worse on exposure to damp weather and icy coldness. The eruptions are more visible before the appearance of menses or on sexual excitement. The person has itching, which gets worse from cold and wet weather.

  • Sepia
    This remedy for those who are weak with a yellow complexion. Indifference to their loved ones. Aversion to work and family. Discolored patches behind ears, on nape of neck, cheeks, abdomen, bends of elbows and knees with itching not relieved by scratching. The patches get visible every spring. Those needing this remedy will always sit with their limbs crossed. They sweat a lot on feet which have a bad odor.

Other Supports include:

  • Avoid oily products to your skin.

  • Avoid wearing tight, restrictive clothing.

  • Avoid excessive heat and sweating.

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure.

  • Eat a well balanced and healthy diet.

  • Garlic is a very good antifungal agent.

  • Get adequate Vitamin D.

  • Get adequate hydration.

  • Get adequate sleep daily.

  • Practice good hygiene.


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